Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm 33!

I love birthdays! I always have. There's just something special about waking up to a day that will celebrate and be all about YOU! I was fortunate this year to share my birthday with Easter. In my lifetime my birthday has never fallen on Easter, and it just felt a bit more special for my 33rd yr.

There seems to be a running tradition with my husband when it comes to celebrating my birthday. I don't just get a birth"day" I get a whole week of celebrating (I'm not complaining!).

So throughout the week there has been the aforementioned black raspberry ice cream find. . .not really a planned birthday gift, but I'll take it!

The homemade birthday dinner made for me special by my parents. It was my choice. I could choose anything I wanted. My choice? My mom's pot roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls and salad. My mouth is watering again just thinking about how good it was.

The to die for Publix birthday cake in my favorite yellow cake with butter cream icing flavors. It was decorated in such a pretty Spring theme.

The Easter lilies I was given at church at the Easter service.

A glittery Easter card from my hubby, with two more birthday cards that came later in the day with the sweetest sentiments. I love the blingy-ness of this card!

An adorably wrapped birthday gift from my grandparents.

An abundance of gifts from my wonderful hubby.

And what did hubby get me you ask? Ed Hardy's "Born Wild" bath set.

and the 3rd season of The Big Bang Theory. . .a must see if you haven't already!

The celebration continued into the evening with a lovely steak dinner at the Texas Cattle Company.

Remembering I mentioned I get a birthday week right? The festivities will continue on Monday with a birthday lunch held for me by my most fabulous co-workers and friends and at the end of the week, a special birthday present delivery from my parents. . .details of that to follow.

With another year behind me and a new one just beginning, I am reminded of just how blessed I am. I woke up to over 50 happy birthday wishes on Facebook with more added throughout the day, phone calls from family and friends, Twitter birthday wishes and more hugs, kisses and birthday celebrations than a girl could ask for.

32 was a great year for me. Looking back there were quite a few large events that happened: I became an aunt for the first time, I was an extra in a major motion picture film, I met Harry Connick Jr, Morgan Freeman and Kris Kristofferson and I started "I Look Good Today" just to name a few. 

For my 33rd year I am hoping for big things. I'm hoping for new revelations in my life. I'm hoping for self growth and enrichment.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful people and things in my lifetime and I thank each and every one for making my #33 such a memorable day!!!


  1. Jamie, I'm glad you had a great birthday week. Happy, Happy Birthday again...

    Love you my friend..Have a great lunch at work

    Kristin Marie

  2. A birthday WEEK? Wow. Talk about spoiled. I hope you milk it for all it's worth. Happy 33rd!

  3. You are so spoiled! Lucky lucky! You're family and husband are so sweet. I hope this year is just as wonderful if not better than the last.

  4. You all are right, I'm spoiled. . .and I love it :) I am blessed with such a wonderful hubby, family and friends!

  5. Yay! Happy Birthday! Looks like your week has been great thus far! That cake is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Jamie,I bought the lipstick that you recommended. It's exactly what I have been looking for. Please continue with all those make-up/ beauty/ style tips.

  7. I'm so glad you like the lipstick. It is one of my new favorites!