Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Flashback

{Getting to see my good friend Kellie Lightbourn (on the right) who is Mrs Galaxy.}
Hello Beautiful. This week took a complete detour from where I thought it would go. Everything seemed to be going according to plan with event planning for a big event at work I have today, enjoying dinner out with a great friend and catching up on some of my favorite TV shows that I just haven't had the time to watch. Then Wednesday hit, and unfortunately Wednesday is why you didn't hear from me yesterday. The abbreviated version is that I ended up in the hospital for an elevated heart rate and spent 24 hours being poked, prodded and tested to find out what was causing the problem. Thankfully, I was given a clean bill of health at the end of the ordeal, but sadly no concrete reason of what was causing my heart to beat so fast. All that I care is I am fine, I'm home and I am SO READY to start my weekend. I hope wherever you are you are smiling!

{Festive shamrock lights that are framing our front door}
{Hubby found it amusing to pile every stuffed animal he could find on me to make me feel better after my "ordeal". I feel like I'm part of a Where's Jamie book.}

{Being married to the most amazing man who never left my side in the hospital. . .even sleeping sitting up next to my hospital bed to make sure I was always OK.}


  1. I'm glad your okay. I wonder what happened? That very scary...I'm glad your home now and resting.


  2. I just thought of something, I was just thinking..sometimes eating too much chocolate or caffiene can do that..who knows