Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Always Sunny

When it comes to sunny summer days, a fabulous pair of sunglasses is a woman’s best friend. This year, cat eyes and retro frames are considered the must-have styles, but before you blindly follow the season’s latest trends, it’s important to take into consideration which style looks best on you!

The first step in finding a stellar pair of shades is determining your face shape. To do so, trace the outline of your face in the mirror with lipstick or a bar of soap. Once you become familiar with the characteristics of your face, you’ll be able to play up your finest features.  


Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore are all examples of celebrities with symmetrically round features. The key to selecting sunnies for a round face is to finding a pair that elongates your face, making it look longer and leaner. Oversized frames are typically a great fit for round faces.


Oval faces like Gisele Bundchen and Kelly Rowland have it easy when it comes to sunglasses. Most styles complement an oval face, as long as you pay attention to proportion. As long as you scale your frames to the size of your face, the world of sunglasses is your oyster.


For heart shaped faces like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, should search for frames that draw the eye upward. By bringing attention to the top the face, you balance out a narrow chin.


Rectangular faces are defined by their angular features. When choosing a style of sunglasses, look for features that may soften these angles, such as round or rimless frames. Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock are both examples of such bone structure.

Beth is a writer for the Sunglass Warehouse Sun Authority, where she dishes out tips on finding the perfect pair of sunglasses and protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


  1. I LOVE cat-eye glasses. They are SO my thing... besides the heart ones. Great tips for face shapes, too!

  2. I didn't realize that finding sunglasses to match the features of your face....makes sense...I always go with the smaller sunglasses cause my face is small.