Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Flashback

{The gorgeous rose my sweet hubby surprised me with.}

This past week was full of little surprises. My hubby kept telling me we had "errands" to run on Sunday and I had to go with him. He even picked out what I needed to wear for these "errands". Turns out there were no errands at all, but tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays game. Then later in the week I came home from a long day to find a gorgeous pink rose waiting for me. To round off everything, I was asked to be a "celebrity judge" of this year's Project Style fashion challenge in November! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Wishing all you moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day!

{Hubby surprised me with tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays game. We had SOOOO much fun . . .even though we lost. This is a rare moment that you will EVER see me in a hat. I swear the joke is that I have a mis-shaped head since hats never fit me, but this one did quite nicely.}

{A sweet treat with chocolate fountain goodness to celebrate National Hospital Week.}

{Laughing HYSTERICALLY at the season finale of New Girl. Oh how I wish Jess and Nick would get together already!}

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