Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

I’ve tried my best my entire life to always look on the bright side of things. One of my favorite motto's: Live Love Laugh. The saying has always spoken volumes to me and I keep it around wherever I can see it to remind me of how important those three little words are. I have this saying on my wall in my home office, in my office at work, I wear it around my neck. . .
Believe me; I know that it isn’t always easy to put on a happy face whenever life seems to be getting in the way. I have had my share of rough times. Try having a surgery when you are 15 and hearing you’re not going to make it through the night on for size. Even through the hard times, I always try to muster up a smile to get me through. . .and you know what? It works!
There is actually something more to this smiling thing, called smile therapy. It has been proven that by simply smiling you can relieve stress, boost your immune system and you can even make others happy simply by beaming your beautiful smile their way.
So my question to you is what makes you smile? What in your life right now brings you the most happiness? Let’s face it; we all need a little joy in our hearts! Here are a few things that are currently making me particularly happy.

- It doesn’t matter how many times my hubby and I have watched It’s Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaThe Big Bang Theory
Family Guy, or Archer, we laugh so hard we can hardly breathe.
- Hearing my hubby do his “Little Jamie Voice”. Hy-ster-ical!!!
- Having one of the new hospital therapy dogs, Chester, visit my office each week so I can love on him for a while. 

- Planning a trip to Disney World to celebrate my BFF's birthday.
- The thought of my five year wedding anniversary coming up in Oct to the most amazing man in the entire world!


  1. Thanks for the smile reminder. Doing so right now! :D


  2. OMG we love sunny, too! My favorite is definitely "charlie goes america on everyone's ass."
    Have fun planning your disney trip! Wowzas! Fun. 5 years w/ the hubs, huh?! Wow lady! You guys better plan something awesome!

  3. I could never, ever smile if I couldn't walk. I think I would just rather blow my brains out. The thought of being confined to a wheelchair twists my stomach into knots.

  4. Wow, that is a pretty profound statement. Believe me, you make the best of it. I have never walked, so I don't miss it as someone would if they had walked and then had it taken away. I'm not saying that it would be easy for you if that happened, but you would find a way to make it through and you would find a way to smile again.

    Thanks for the comment!