Monday, August 1, 2011

Show Me How You Burlesque

Every once in a while I have those moments of, "If I could walk, I would definitely want to. . ." You might be shocked to know that If I could walk I would want to shake my money maker on stage and show you all how I burlesque!

Burlesque is very much about costumes and flash. Rhinestones, crystals, glitter, feathers, color! The more elaborate the costume, the better!

Perhaps my intrigue with burlesque dancing came from my love of the Christina Aguilera and Cher hit movie Burlesque. I loved the music, I loved the costumes, I loved the dances. . .I wanted to be on that stage with the glitz and the glamour, dancing my butt off.

While I've never seen a burlesque show in person, I would love to! From what I've seen online and in movies, the shows seem like an explosive act of glamor: elaborate sets, elegant & flashy costumes (who doesn't love pink rhinestone corsets!?) and beautiful women singing and dancing - I find the whole scene alluring. The mystery, the mystique, the tease. As Cher's character Tess from Burlesque would sing, "Show a little more, show a little less." I'm a lover of fashion. I would go for the costumes alone!

Since I will not be performing in a burlesque dance show in this lifetime, I will share with you some burlesque-ish items that I am swooning over.

{This red rhinestone cocktail necklace is perfect for a burlesque starlet leading lady.}
{These Burning Fire Opal earrings are so fun and eye catching. They would be perfect for a sultry dance!}
{Extravagant top hats were a staple accessories for burlesque dancing. I love this mini feather and netting mini top hat headband.}

{Last Christmas OPI came out with the Burlesque line of 13 blingtastic polish colors.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. I too wish I could Burlesque.

    I went to a Burlesque show in Vegas the last time I was there, and let me just tell you, it was NOTHING like this movie. Lol. It was very intimate with a tiny stage, and the girls were wearing NO clothes. I am still on the look out for a Burlesque show of this caliber.

    This also reminds me, I need to own this movie!

  2. Wow Nicole, I definitely wouldn't want to be "that" kind of Burlesque dancer that wore nothing. LOL. I am like you though, this movie is a must buy for me!