Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Flashback: Five Years Ago Today

{We vowed to love each other unconditionally.}

{Our two lives became one.}
{We knew we would always be there for one another.}
{Your kisses gave me butterflies; and they still do.}

Happy Anniversary Honey!!! These photo makes me feel so blessed. . .for everything. Everything that happened on our beautiful wedding day; everything we have to do at home like laundry and pay bills; everything we do together like Tai Chi, gaming, watching endless hours of Cops and snuggling. I am so glad we are in love. I promised that day and I'll promise everyday that I will do anything to make you and us happy forever!

I love you!!!


  1. Hey, that church looks familiar ;)

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JAMIE! You both are the most perfect couple. I hope you have a fabulous night out at the Rusty Pelican :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful tribute to the one that you love! I'm so honored to have been your Matron of Honor. Wishing both of you all of life's joys along with everlasting love.

  3. It's so wonderful to see these pictures!

  4. Glad to share the best day of my life with you all :)