Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Flashback

Good Morning Sunshine.

This week has been full of wonderful little moments that made me smile. Probably the best moments were spent with two of my favorite patients at our hospital. They were here for a clinic appointment and we had made plans for a lunch date. When I came into the lobby to get them, they saw me, screamed  my name and ran to me with open arms to give me a big hug. They kept telling me how much they missed me and loved me and the of course wanted to share all the glorious things going on in their little girl worlds. Hearing their giggles and seeing their smiles gives my heart such happiness. I may not be able to have children of my own, but the patients I become so close to are like my children and I just love them to pieces!

So how was your week? What made you particularly happy?
{Hot air balloons floating right outside my apartment. My boyfriend was coming over early one morning and called me to come outside quick. I'm so glad he did or I would have missed this awesome site. I would give anything to go up in one. One day I definitely will!}

{I am absolutely addicted to the TV show Resurrection. With only one episode left I am completely on the edge of my seat wondering how these people are coming back. Have you seen this show? If not, I would highly recommend it!}

{A blue Sapphire necklace to accentuate my blue bow sweater.}

{The little sweethearts that bring such joy into my life with their little girl smiles, hugs and giggles. It was a hug fest with them for sure. . .and I loved every second of it!}


  1. They love you so very much!!! You mean the world to our family

  2. Is it great to be able to touch people's lives?

    Its starting to get warmer and beautiful here too.


  3. Glitter on Girl! I love your blog!!