Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Learned In Astronomy Class

When I was in college my major required that I took two sciences courses. I have always had a love for anything with suns, moons and stars, so signing up for Astronomy seemed to be the perfect choice for me. Can I tell you how wrong I was?!

I had envisioned learning about the constellations, the planets, etc. In Astronomy I, all we did was learn the history of Astronomy. Very rarely would we venture to the university's planetarium to look at the night sky.

The one and only thing that I took away from Astronomy class was the ability to identify Orion's Belt. It looks like this. . .

Now every time the stars are visible at night I am on the hunt to find Orion's Belt. It is funny how finding those three little stars makes me feel so accomplished in the world of Astronomy!

My love of Orion's Belt is much like my love of finding the perfect belt to add to a dress or jeans. I personally don't wear belts much at all since you really wouldn't see them on me sitting in my wheelchair since I wear a seat belt (Not too fashionable, but a safety must. You should see how I zip around in my "convertible.").

Although you won't typically find me wearing a belt, I do love how they can add the perfect touch to your outfit. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

{I love the Here I Bow Again leather belt from ModCloth. With its bow embellishment and silver stud closure, this piece is the perfect mix of tough edge and flirty femininity.}
{In a muted chocolate hue, this delicately braided vegan-friendly Braid the Storm belt from ModCloth boasts polished brass-colored buckles and an adjustable strap. Cinch it over an oversized bronze tunic, frayed skinny jeans, and buckle-accented, knee-high brown boots for a chic ensemble!}

{Tap into the spunky side of professionalism by updating any skirt suit with this grey faux leather belt! The Linked In Belt from ModCloth fastens cleanly with two gold studs, the back of this cool belt features a section of gold links hitching studded panels of the faux leather. This belt is best worn with pointed pumps and a briefcase filled with confidence - an essential element in any go-getter's ensemble!}

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sock It To Me

I can't explain it, but I have an obsession with wearing socks to bed. Am I weird? When I say socks, I don't mean what you would wear with your tennis shoes, I mean the warm, fluffy, cozy socks that are meant for colder weather and lounging around the house. The thing is, I wear them all year round.

Initially my hubby thought I was crazy wearing socks to bed when it was in the high 80s at night. Then our massage therapist mentioned how wearing socks to bed is actually great for your circulation and/or relieving foot pain. Don't you know that now my hubby is just like me and wears socks to bed each and every night. See, men should listen to their wives, right girls!?

With the colder weather upon us, I am excited to keep my tootsies warm with some festively fuzzy socks. So if you ever drop by for a visit in the evening, don't be surprised if you find me in a pair of my favorite holiday stockings.

What about you? Do you wear socks to bed?

{I bought these exact candy cane fur trimmed socks last year from Target. Although I haven't seen them there, I have seen them at Claires. You can get them here.}
{These crochet trimmed slipper socks from Nordstrom look so comfy!}

{Aren't these Christmas tree slipper socks adorable from Amazon? You can't help but be in the holiday spirit wearing these!}

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm in Handbag Heaven!

Recently I was contacted by Handbag Heaven to create some outfits around the handbag of my choice for their Style Guide. In my What I'm Wearing Wednesday post last week, you saw me with this gorgeous lavender handbag.

I can't tell you how excited I was to be contacted by Handbag Heaven to be featured in their Style Guide. Have you been to their site? I could spend hours there!

The Krissie Studded Envelope bag that I chose is an everyday bag with a hard rock twist! The Krissie, by Vieta handbags, has a soft leatherette exterior and glossy silver hardware. This little structured bag has a large foldover front flap with braided leatherette trim. I love that when you open the front flap there is a zipper closure on the inside to keep your items safe from falling out. The outer edges of the Krissie are embellished with silver studs and metal ring details that gives it just a little bit of edge, yet can be completely sophisticated as well. A chain and leatherette strap can be worn on your shoulder, and a longer chain strap can make the Krissie a messenger bag. Both straps are detachable which makes it so easy to swap for different looks. For me, the shorter strap works best. I don't need a long strap sitting in a wheelchair, so having the option to use either size is such an added bonus.

From the moment I opened the package, I fell in love with this handbag! The color in person is just stunning and works with so many outfit options.

Check out my featured Style Guide post here to see what outfits I styled to show off my new favorite purse.

What are your favorite items from Handbag Heaven? Anything going to be on your Christmas list this year?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm So Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! There is certainly much to be thankful for! As I reflect on the year, I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby, my family and friends, for a great job with an amazing boss, for good health. . .the list goes on and on. The list would not be complete though without mentioning YOU!

This blog has been one of the biggest blessings of the year for me. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would meet so many truly incredible people that now I can't imagine not having in my world. I do hope that your visits with me each day are as much as a blessing to you as they are for me to share. I can't tell you how much I enjoy each and every comment and email from you. They mean the world to me.

Today I hope you enjoy time with your loved ones while you continue your family Thanksgiving traditions. My day will be spent with my hubby and my parents watching the Macy's parade, decorating the Christmas tree, eating WAY TOO MUCH food, watching countless hours of football and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special. It doesn't get any better than that my friends!

And how adorable is this thankful tree? What a simple, fun and festive way to express what you are most thankful for. Just find some sticks, cut out little pieces of paper (I'd make them in a leaf design.), punch a hole in the paper so they easily stay on your tree and write all the things you are thankful for. I love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Purple Passion

{Purple argyle mock turtleneck 3/4 length top from The Limited, grey pants from Target, Krissie Studded Envelope bag C/O Handbag Heaven, Shoes by Espirit, silver hoop earrings and silver chain necklace from Target.}
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately. I recently took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the cool breeze and take a stroll through my old alma mater, the University of South FL (GO BULLS!). Since I actually work on the university campus, visiting some of my favorite haunts of yesteryear is just a hop, skip and short car ride away. I love the fact that the weather is now perfect for pulling out some of my favorite cozier pieces! My favorite color is purple, so you can only imagine my delight to we able to wear this purple argyle top AND to be showing off my new lavender Krissie Studded Envelope Bag!

{I love how this lavender purse compliments the purples in this argyle top!}
{I adore the silver clasp, and silver chain/hoop accents on this purse.}
{Oh the days of venturing through this arbor to and from class. I feel like I should be a professor in this outfit.}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

By the Fireplace

Curling up in front of a crackling fireplace is one of life’s greatest luxuries, and sadly one that I don't get to partake much in living in sunny FL. With the temps cooling off (FINALLY), I’ve gotten so much joy simply glancing through all of the wonderful images of online northern homes that are lucky enough to have them. I have a gorgeous wood electric fireplace that adds such a cozy feel to our sitting room in the winter, which I cannot wait until it gets cold enough to use, but nothing can replace the real thing. To hear the cracking embers, to feel the heat, to smell the wood burning. . .that is pure greatness if you ask me! Since there is so much emphasis placed on the mantle as we enter the holiday season, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fireplaces that leave me feeling warm and toasty.
{Isn't this modern fireplace spectacular? I love the elongated design with the metal frame.}
{I would love to eat my breakfast with the crackling fire to keep me warm. Isn't this country style setting quaint?}

Monday, November 21, 2011

From Where I Sit:: Potty Mouth

Hello Lovelies. Did you have a nice weekend? Today I'm excited to share another From Where I Sit question with you. From the title you might think that the subject is about my thoughts on bad language. Although I can (At times) have a mouth like a drunken' sailor, today's topic is not about dropping the "F" bomb, but rather about the unmentionables of your personal bodily functions. Yes, today we are going to talk about how I use the restroom.

I received this anonymous question recently:

"I figure don't have many hangups or inhibitions, especially since you need help going to the toilet. I'm curious about several things. Have you ever had to ask a stranger to help you on to the pot? Once someone plops you down, is that it? Or do they have to pull down your trousers and underpants as well? Did your father or other male family member have to help you, post adolescence? That would drive me bonkers! Potty time is awfully private. I'd hate to have to share it with another person." 

As mentioned in this post I need assistance using the restroom. There are a lot of questions from this anonymous inquirer, and I think it will be easiest if I take them one by one.

Have you ever had to ask a stranger to help you on to the pot? This is sort of a yes and no answer. In my previous job I worked in a regular office building. It just so happened that at the time my roommate worked the evening shift, so during the day they were accessible when I needed to use the restroom. As is with everyone, there are certain times when nature calls and you don't have much time to wait for someone to drive to you. I asked some of my female co-workers if the occasion ever came up if they were willing to help me. They said they would be. I have found with having a disability, it is always smart to have a plan b, c, d. . .So although these weren't "strangers," they were still new to doing anything of this nature. There were times that they were needed, and so I just explained my needs and we got through it and then went on with our day.

Once someone plops you down, is that it? Or do they have to pull down your trousers and underpants as well? No that is not it. I need to lay down to get my pants and underpants on/off. So the person helping me has to lay me down, pull off my clothes and transfer me to the toilet. Once I'm there they don't need to do anything. Once I am done they just need to do the reverse.

Did your father or other male family member have to help you, post adolescence? You have to understand something. I have and will always need help with this. To me, it is simply a part of my life. So yes, if I am visiting my parents and I am home alone with my father and need to use the restroom, he helps me. For years I lived with my BFF who is a guy and he would help me. Am I just willing or able to undress in front of anyone? No, of course not. Although I have found ways to make this act more private.

An example, my BFF and I had something we called the "dignity towel." What we did was as I was laying down, before I undressed we laid a towel across my waist. He would reach under the towel to pull everything down and I'd have it over me to transfer to the toilet. So you see, there are ways to keep your dignity and still get the job done.

At home, to make it easier on my hubby, I have a rolling shower chair that looks like this. This device rolls right over the actual toilet. It makes it so much easier to minimize the lifting. Instead of carrying me from the bed to the toilet, he just lifts me from the bed to this shower chair and then wheels me in to the bathroom. It saves his back and makes for a much safer process. . .especially for him.

At home I also use something I like to lovingly call the butt buddy. This devices is used for wiping. When I am not sitting on the regular toilet and using the shower chair, it is harder for me to reach adequately to wipe. I want to make sure I am practicing good hygiene, so this little guy comes in handy. You stick the toilet paper in the rubber mouth, wipe and then push a button on the handle to drop the toilet paper into the toilet. Much more sanitary actually than wiping with your hand.

Would I love to be able to bypass all of this and use the restroom myself? OF COURSE! However, in my situation, that just is not going to happen. I'm fortunate to not have to deal with catheterizing, but if I had to, that would just be what I had to do. Yes, I do have to not have many hangups as my anonymous reader suggested, but that doesn't mean I don't also demand respect of the situation. Using the restroom is a very personal part of a persons day and even with help, it should maintain that level of respect or staying as private as possible.

The funny thing is I have been in more men's restrooms than I can count. Weirdly, their handicapped stalls are much larger generally then in the women's restroom. Since my hubby has to help me, the extra room makes it much easier. It is crazy how the men in the restroom never look at me in a "What are you doing in here?" kinda way.

Believe me, you get over your hangups really quickly, because when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Flashback

{Stopping to pose with the USF Bull during a photo shoot I'll be sharing with you soon for Handbag Heaven. I love being so close to my alma mater. Go Bulls!}
This week was satisfyingly chaotic! I felt overworked and exhausted, but was able to get a lot accomplished. It is weeks like these that I appreciate those special moments where I could take a breather (Even if they were few and far between.). I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend where hubby and I can enjoy the cool weather and buying an entire Thanksgiving meal to donate to Metropolitan Ministries (A tradition we have each year).

{My new $75 tortoise shell sunglasses that I got for $15!!! Love a sale!!!}

{Getting a butter bag of popcorn during a busy afternoon in our outpatient department. I love that we have an old fashioned popcorn machine in the lobby for such occasions. Who doesn't like popcorn while they wait?}

{Watching Glee this week and laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when Santana went on another one of her shpeels about, "That's how we do it in Lima Heights!" She's such a bi-atch! I love her.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Dip Recipe

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I have been scouring the web for ideas of something different that hubby and I could bring to my parent's house instead of the traditional pumpkin pie. I do have a love for pumpkin pie though, and did not want to TOTALLY give up one of my favorite parts of the Thanksgiving dinner experience.

I came across this recipe from for a pumpkin pie dip that just looks sinfully good! I can't wait to try it. I read that in lieu of the gingersnaps it is also great served with sliced pears and apples, or as a spread on zucchini bread or any other nut bread.

My only problem is this recipe calls for cream cheese. After I had my gallbladder taken out cream cheese is the one thing that gives me fits (Darn gallbladderlessness!). I think in moderation I could have some, don't you. It sounds yummy to me!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

{Khaki knit tank - Limited, green cardi -gifted, brown ribbed pants - Fashion Bug, 24K gold hoop earrings - gifted, Fossil watch, B.O.C. by Born shoes chocolate swirl shoes.}
Hello Beautiful! Happy Wednesday. Today's outfit post was actually unintentional. I really liked this outfit, but didn't really see it as "post worthy." However, after getting countless comments throughout the day of how much people liked this outfit on me, I felt inclined to share. I adore this cardi with its jewel and ribbon accent along the front seam. Can't wait to hear what your thoughts are!!!

{It always makes you feel good when you are complimented on your outfit!}

{I think these are my favorite pair of shoes that I own right now. They are just so fun!}

{Don't you just love the detailing on this cardi? From the green glass buttons to the ribbon/beaded accents, the detail work is just fabulously feminine.}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips Tuesday: Complexion Perfecters

I have yet to meet a woman who does not try to perfect their complexion. From moisturizers to toners, concealers to foundations, we are constantly in search of the fountain of youth when it comes to our skin. Luckily, the secrets to turn back time can be found in these four easy steps:

1. Conceal flaws...strategically.
A full face of foundation — or too much concealer — can look and feel unnatural. Try using cover-up only where you need it (and, where you don't, letting your own skin shine through). Blend.

2. Try a soft touch.
Your ring finger is the perfect tool for applying makeup, because it's the weakest digit. The more powerful index finger may apply color too boldly or tug too much (hello, wrinkles!) on your delicate skin.

3. Look luminous.
Every face has natural shadows, and you'll look better if you brighten them. To find the shady spots,  just smile at yourself in the mirror. You'll see darker areas — like your Cupid's bow, under your bottom lip and at the inner corners of your eyes. To lighten those areas, dab on shimmery white eye shadow. Blend if necessary.

4. Give yourself a mini face-lift.
Apply blush starting at your upper cheekbone (at the hairline near your ear) then brush across your cheek horizontally — not diagonally or downward — until you get to the center of your face. You'll be thrilled to see the difference when your blush is darkest at the hairline and faded at the apples, instead of vice versa, because it's more youthful.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hat Clad Cutie

Maybe it's the French in me that is just head over heals for the beret style hat. During the warmer months, I am not much of the hat wearing type (I seem to have a very hard to fit head for hats; it's very frustrating!). In the winter I always look forward to adding a beret to my accessory options to proclaim all my womanly wiles! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these ultra-feminine pieces this winter. 

{Juicy Couture Rhinestone Beret - $58}
{ModCloth When Do Oui Land? Beret - $24.99}
{Que Sera Women’s Brim Beret - $60}

{Sequin Beret by Betmar - $36.95}

{Oh So Sweet Boutique - $25}

Now, for the winner of the Etsy Giveaway...
Congratulations to Jennifer! The beautifully hand grafted glass "butterfly" necklace is hers! 

Thanks to GoldenGlow for offering such a great giveaway to I Look Good Today readers!

Thanks to everyone who entered, as well as all my friends and supporters! Check back daily for what's happening here at I Look Good Today and for more fabulous giveaways coming soon!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Flashback

{Birthday dinner with my hubby at the Island Way Grill. This is the restaurant that was our holding area for the Dolphin Tale movie. When we weren't on set, we were here. It was nice having actual dinner here finally!}
What a great week this has been, just full of big celebrations! It was my wonderful hubby's birthday. We celebrated him in style with a romantic dinner and a trip to City Walk in Orlando. Also this week, my dept put on an event for over 300 people as part of the Gridiron Giveback (Watch a video about it here.), where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Hess have given $150,000 to our hospital. We celebrated in style with a tailgate themed party with the Bucs players, cheerleaders and the Bucs mascot, Captain Fear. I'm looking forward to a restful weekend after so much excitement.

Don't forget to enter to win this gorgeous necklace from GoldenGlow. You have until Sunday evening to enter to win!

{How pretty, hubby's key lime pie bday dessert.}
{Walking around City Walk, I had to take a picture in front of the Universal globe!}
{The gorgeous Portofino Resort Hotel at City Walk. Doesn't it look like you're in Italy?}
{Some Bucs players who were at our party. These guys are HUGE in person.}
{So glad the cheerleaders came out as well!}
{The night wouldn't have been complete without a picture with Captain Fear!}

{One of the best parts of my week was when one of my favorite patients (Remember her? You can read about her here.} came to visit me and insisted on giving me a hug. When she was leaving my office, she went down the hall and told her mom she needed to come back to tell me something, but she insisted her mom stay there. She peeked into my office in her little wheelchair and said she needed to tell me something. She pulls up next to me, grabs my hand and says, "I love you." My heart melted!!!}

Thursday, November 10, 2011

From Where I Sit: Feeling Grown Up

I was watching Glee on Tues (Shocker right LOL?) and I couldn't help but yell at the TV, "EXACTLY!" during Artie's speech about never quite feeling "grown up" when you are in a wheelchair. If you missed it, let me recap the quote for you. . .

"When you’re in a chair, it’s hard to feel like you’ve ever grown up. Everyone’s always doing stuff for you, they get freaked out about saying the wrong thing, so they coddle you. Sometimes it’s hard to picture a life of being totally self sufficient. But directing you guys…it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever felt like a grown man."

I cannot tell you how much this one quote resinated with me. I have said countless times to my hubby and BFF that although I am a very successful business woman that takes on an endless task list that puts me in the constant public eye, I am a greeter at our church, I give presentations to large groups, etc; I still will get the feeling of not being quite "grown up" from time to time. I look in the mirror and see a thirtysomething woman who is very proud of who she has grown up to be, but that feeling still is deep inside.

How could this be after having accomplished great things in the business world and in my personal life you ask? Well, let me make it simple for you to understand.

I have never, and probably will never grow out of someone (my parents, my hubby, my BFF and other friends) having to help me get out of bed in the morning and back in at night, shower, use the restroom throughout the day (I can't transfer myself), get dressed, do my hair, drive, do the laundry, cook. . .

I can assist on many of these things, but I cannot do them totally alone. I would give anything to be able to dress myself and do my own hair. . .or use the restroom whenever nature calls. Can I just tell you how many times I have had to use the restroom, the toilet is right in front of me, but no one is home to help me transfer to it. Thank you God for my bladder of steel (as I like to call it!), because I seem to be able to go quite a long period of time without using the restroom.

Also, do you know how much I would love to put on a cute lingerie and surprise my hubby, but I can't do that without help. So what am I going to do. . ."uhh hey honey, can you help me put this little number on so I can surprise you later?" I don't think so.

On the mental standpoint, I have long since been an adult. I think living with a physical disability it has actually made me mentally grow up faster. I've had to mentally figure out creative ways to do the things that able bodied individuals do without a second thought. But I can't help but feel that sometimes I am "playing grown up" or "playing house" when it comes to the physical stuff.

I have never been "coddled" as the quote above mentions. If anything those around me let me do as much as I can on my own and push me to be more independant as much as they can. I am blessed to have people that are all too willing to assist me in my life, however they have never made me feel that I was incapable or a burden. The help I need is just part of the daily routine. It's an unspoken need. It just gets done. It's not only my life, but it is part of my loved ones lives as well and we just live it the best we can.

So thank you Artie, for making me realize I am not alone on this one. . .even if you are a fictional character!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glitter All The Way

It's official. You can't walk into a store without noticing the holiday season is upon is. From the festive decor to the items on the rack, it's time to get into the holiday spirit. One of my favorite ways to celebrate a new season is to change to a different nail polish pallet.

I can hardly contain my joy with what's in store for my fingertips this winter. To me, nothing says the holidays when it comes to nail polish than Nicole by OPI's Holiday Glitters collection. It has been a staple for me for years. 

To me, no holiday would be complete without a glitter polish for twinkling fingertips and toes, and this year is no exception. Nicole by OPI offers up four new shades to brighten your polish collection with the cutest names imaginable. This year it will be easy to transform your nails into 10 sparkling, bejeweled accessories with just a few coats of each!

My Sleigh’s in the Shop – clear base full of tiny purple glitter with specks of pale gold.  It looks a little pink in most lighting. There is just something about this shade that is so loveable.

Snow-Man of My Dreams – clear base with tiny blue glitter with an even amount of silver glitter and specks of fuchsia glitter.  For some reason this gives off gold specks of glitter but I don’t see any in the bottle.  Hmmm?

Glitter in My Stocking – clear base chocked full of rich gold glitter with specks of red glitter.  Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this color?

Orna-ment For Each Other – clear base chocked full of coral toned red tiny glitter with specks of silver and gold glitter. I'm on the edge with this color. For the holidays, I like my red nail polish to be RED. This is not a true red. This has tones of orange and pink. I think it is my least favorite of the set.

When picking out your perfect holiday nail polish, remember the possibilities are endless.

P.S. Don't forget to enter for your chance to win the gorgeous necklace from this week's giveaway!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lux for Less

Praying to the shopping gods won't make that $250 blouse any more affordable (Believe me, I've tried!). But don't lose faith! Just turn your attention to The savvy site offers a shopping experience worth idolizing: customized user profiles (favorite brands, sizes, etc) in everything from dresses to shoes to beauty aids. A sale rack is updated with new loot (all up to 75% off) suited to your liking every time you log in. As an added bonus, luxdeals powered by supplies promo codes for even deeper discounts on its already peerless prices. Plus, luxgoddess donates a potion of its sales to the fight against breast and ovarian cancers, so shopping the site does more good than just adding a desired piece to your closet. Just one more reason to worship it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway - Necklace from GoldenGlow

Allow me to introduce you to Stephanie, whose love for creating jewelry and exploring with different mediums inspired this unique and truly fabulous Etsy shop GoldenGlow. All of her jewelry is beautifully hand crafted glass, accented in genuine 22k gold!:

When Stephanie first started working in fused glass, it didn't take long before she started playing with ways to make it unique. She didn't want her glass pieces to look like anything else out there, and soon started playing with 22k gold.

Stephanie makes the actual glass pieces, which are fired, shaped, fired again and then refined before painting. Painting the gold is just the last step.

"It's a long process, but it's worth it. Good things should take time. Too much is just thrown together so fast these days." Stephanie says.Thanks to Stephanie's incredible generosity, she is offering the below "Butterfly" necklace to one lucky I Look Good Today follower!!! 

Want to win?? Here's how to enter (required):

Publicly follow I Look Good Today via Google Friend Connect (see sidebar to follow) and let me know that you did in the comment section! Then visit Stephanie's shop, GoldenGlow. Look at the lovely, handmade pieces she has to offer and comment on this post with your favorite item. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

For additional entries, leave a separate comment for each one of the following: 
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This giveaway ends Sunday, November 13th at 11:59pm EST.  Open to all followers (international). Winner will be selected by

Good luck and spread the word :)

P.S. I can only imagine after visiting GoldenGlow that you will want to purchase one or a few of Stephanie's gorgeous pieces. For the duration of this giveaway, Stephanie has provided I Look Good Today readers with a free shipping code. Just use LOOKINGGOOD when checking out and enjoy free shipping with your order. Thanks Stephanie!