Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Boardroom Ready

Yesterday was our monthly Board of Governors meeting. This is our time to go before 35 board members and tell them all the wonderful things we are doing or we would like to do for the mission of our hospital. Wearing business suits in a wheelchair just doesn't work. . .at least not on me, so I tend to stay away from them. Even after a 10 1/2 hr back surgery to correct the curvature in my spine I still have a slight curve, which makes tailored pieces look hideous on me because they just don't fit, even if they are supposed to be "tailored." Keeping that in mind, an alternative has to be made in regards to dressing up for a business meeting.

I was recently gifted with a bunch of clothes from my favorite aunt pictured below with me. I have always looked up to her. Between my mother and my aunt, I had the perfect female role models for the woman I wanted to be. My aunt and I share much of the same taste in clothing, so when a large box of clothes was on my door step sent from her, you can imagine my excitement! From that box came today's outfit.

I now give you my boardroom outfit.

{Beaded cardigan from Chadwick's Collection (gifted), Target white sleeveless top, Vintage pants, Zodiac shoes, Brighton cross earrings.}
I wanted to keep the look simple and professional. First of all, I LOVE the emerald green cardi that I layered over a white sleeveless top with its different shaped beads sewn on the chest. The bead design just seemed to give the piece a little extra something special to jazz up a basic cardi. The pants; a simple and somewhat "tailored" khaki color that seemed to make the emerald green cardi pop even more. The only real "accessories" I added were my silver cross earrings I featured here, my watch and rings. I actually had the, "You look lovely in that green sweater Jamie!" compliment from one of our board members. My plan for simple and classic seemed to be a hit.


How did I do? Despite not being business suit clad, did I pull off the look? My plan right now is to do one outfit post a week for starters and to go from there. I really enjoy sharing my style with you and hope you enjoy it too. Send your comments my way!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Head Gear

Now don't be frightened. I know when so many hear the word "head gear" visions of the crazy wire contraptions meant to straighten your teeth come into mind. Thank God I never had to go through that, despite two years of the metal filled mouth, I think I got off easy compared to some.

Today's post is all about hair accessories. With my recent haircut faux pas which you can read about here if you missed it, I have been on the lookout for some new pieces to help me get through the awkward stages as I grow out my hair.

Here are some of my favorites finds.

{This simple and sweet twisty headband from Rouche that I can wear with an everyday outfit or when I'm all dressed up to keep my hair pushed back and out of my face! It comes in natural shown above, aqua and red. I'm thinking I might need one in every color.}

{I am all about the bling, and that goes for my hair accessories as well. I am in lust with this rhinestone vintage hair pin from Christine's Unique Vintage Boutique. It is perfect for pinning back those too short hair strands all the while adding a little glitz to my day.}
{Although I absolutely adore this whimsical hair clip from one of my favorite shoppes, ModCloth, I'm not sure how practical in my day to day life it would be. It would help to hide those hideous layers on the right side though. Hmmm, it might be worth it just to strut around in this unquestionably unique piece.}
{Don't ask me why, but this over-sized polka dotted bow headband also from ModCloth is calling my name. I could see using this hair accessory to add flair to a business casual look, or play up its retro aspect by pairing it with a bubbly wiggle dress.}

{I am in love with these ornately patterned headbands from Andrea's Beau. Trimmed with glass beads these are perfect for pulling my hair away from my face to hide the horribly uneven front layers.}

I joked with a friend that the next time I am told that someone is "their best" hairdresser I am going to politely decline their services. . .look what "the best" got me!

So what would you recommend I do to get through the growing pains of this bad haircut?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Remembering the 80's. Put on Your Jelly Shoes, Slap Bracelets & Banana Clips. It's Time to Rock!

"I'm just a bill, sitting up on Capitol Hill"

Recently we had a "Music Through the Decades" event at work. Being a child of the 80's I was all too excited to throw on my off the shoulder sweater, and arm full of jelly bangle bracelets, sport the side ponytail that helped accentuate the neon star dangle earrings and of course topped it off with the rolled up, torn jeans and penny loafers. I am one of those people that LOVED the 80's, big hair and all. Everything from the bubble gum music to the cheesy movies to the fashion trends, I look back and think what a great time in my life the 80s were.

Here are some more things from the 80's I can't help but love.

{Within the last few months our local supermarkets have been carrying Throwback Pepsi with real sugar. Soooo much better tasting then today's sodas.}

{Kissing Potion. Just the name made me by this product in those hopes of snagging a first kiss. Not only did this roll on lip gloss taste FABULOUS it made your lips nice and shiny too. Although no longer being produced, I have found it being sold on Ebay (Where else). I might have to snag me some.}

{It may be hard me to understand the current kid obsession with Silly Bandz, but when I think back to my own childhood, I am reminded of the very similar slap bracelet craze. I had a drawer full of these things! Teachers went crazy with the constant cracking heard as kids took them on and off. The disruption was evidently too much to handle as the beloved bracelets were banned. BOO!}

{Debbie Gibson's fedora-style hat. I still remember the day I got mine, a gift from my grandmother. I still remember opening the wrapping. It was like the clouds parted and the angel's I heard the angels singing "Only in My Dreams."

{Jelly Shoes. Available in a rainbow of colors and styles. The plastic shoes made your feet sweat, but they sure were fun. High-end designers like Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs still continue to bring back the nostalgia factor of these shoes each summer.}

{She-Ra Princess of Power. I LOVED this cartoon! I had the action figures, the coloring books. I still like to shout out, "For the honor of Greyskull. . .I am She-Ra!!!!"}

{Truly outrageous! Jem and the Holograms dolls and cartoons. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have the first season of Jem on DVD and love it just as much now as I did as a child. With her star earrings that would change her from Jerrica to Jem, you had the best of both worlds, a conservative business girl and a punk rocker!}
What were the best fads you remember growing up? What were the worst? Do you think your favorite childhood items could rival today's Silly Bandz?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday

{Getting to feed this little guy was my highlight of the week by far! On our way home from work my hubby and I noticed a gentleman giving pony/horse rides for a few dollars. Since I only ride horses trained to carry disabled individuals I wasn't going to ride any of the horses , but I wasn't passing up the chance to get close to them!}
This week was filled with business meetings, deadlines and the looming sense of urgency in the air to get things done. BLAH! Don't get me wrong; I thrive on meeting deadlines and multitasking. So although there was much to do, I am ending the week feeling very productive! SCORE! In my down time I enjoyed the comfort of pizza delivery while visiting with a friend, playing with a very energetic two month old kitten (at the same friend's apartment) that my hubby and I have lovingly nicknamed "Fluffy Bunny" (Don't ask), a stroll through a comic book/game shop with my hubby and watching the comedy Galaxy Quest for the first time ever. If you haven't seen it, for all you Star Trek fans out, there this spoof is a must see.

I hope you all had a great week. Anything exciting happening in your world?

{Cover Girl's Wet Slicks Fruit Spritzers in Fig Splash.  I LOVE this shade.  It's a unique, frosty, cool beige. It smells and tastes delicious. . .like a vanilla cappuccino and whipped cream! Your lips will be impossible to resist.}

{The 1999 movie Galaxy Quest that my hubby and I bought for $5}
{The absolutely stunning necklace I won from Candy Shop Vintage. Lovely, ladylike, three strand pearl and green glass necklace. A strand of green glass beads that are finished to resemble jade sits in between two elegant strands of pearls. The necklace closed with an ornate gold clasp, set in the center with a green glass bead. Absolutely stunning!}

{The precious Willow Tree keepsake box that holds my wedding and engagement rings.}

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glitter Tips

I confess. I love nail polish. Nail polish of all colors. Bights colors, muted colors, metallic colors, pastel colors.

To me adding your favorite nail polish is just as important to polishing off your outfit as a cute accessory.

One of my new favorite nail polish Summer trends is the glitter tip.

It's a fun twist to the French manicure that gives your nails a fresh, beachy feel.

The process is easy:

Step 1: Paint your nails with two coats of clear polish (you can also paint them with a colored polish if you want as well for a different look.)

Step 2: Apply glitter polish to the tips of your nails

Voila! Nothing to it! So go on girl and get your glitter on! What do you think of this polish trend? Will you try it? Do you have a favorite Summer nail polish trend to share?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back in Time

In the past year I have really become addicted to fashion blogs. I particularly have a fondness for those bloggers that give a daily snapshot of what they're wearing. It is amazing the ideas you can get from admiring someone else's outfit choices. There are two fashion blogs in particular that I follow daily Cupcakes and Cashmere and What I Wore. These fashionistas have some of the best fashion sense I have ever seen. Make sure to visit their blogs. You won't be disappointed.

It is because of their daily fashion blogging that I decided to give the 'outfit recap" or "highlight" a whirl.

{Forever 21 sweater, JCPenney pants, vintage necklace, gifted earrings, Fossil watch, Melrose Ave shoes}

This outfit makes me feel like I have stepped back in time; a prim and proper woman, however ready to get down to business and conquer the world. I love the tunic style top with the off-center collar & its large buttons. That isn't the only thing about the top I find unique. The top section of the piece is a cable knit design while the rest is a cotton solid. On the bottom half of the piece there are these adorable cable knit pockets; the perfect accent. The vintage pocket watch necklace gifted to me some years back reminds me of the styles of yesteryear. My "patchwork" shoes that I just adore; the stitching on them reminds me of a quilt. My fleur de lis earrings gifted to me from my hubby. They come from a mission trip our church took to India. They are just stunning in person.

So there you have it, my first fashion post. How did I do? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit. There will certainly be more outfit posts to come. I definitely told myself "I look good today" when I looked in the mirror.

I'm thrilled that Jessica from What I Wore is having a book giveaway of her What I Wore book that hits shelves in two weeks. WOO HOO! She is giving away 10 signed copies of What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style plus a personalized illustration (of you!) to one extra special reader! REALLY hoping it is me :) Don't miss your chance to snag one of these sure to be best sellers for your very own!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Can I Say?

Each day I get to interact with the most amazing patients and families. I could tell you endless stories of love, strength, obstacles and triumphs that would fill your spirit with such admiration for these kids.

As a child I was a patient at the very hospital I now work. This makes my role in PR that much more rewarding. I feel I can give back to this great mission by promoting the miracles that happen inside these walls every day. The best part is I get to be a mentor to so many patients. Giving not only the patient but their family hope that their child can accomplish their hopes and dreams just like everyone else. That their child might face some road blocks because of their disability, but that doesn't mean there isn't an alternate route to their desired destination.

I love when I am asked by our female patients what my adolescents was like. Questions usually thrown my way are:

Can I go to prom? You most certainly can, and you will look like a princess!

Will a non disabled person want to date me? Of course. My hubby is not disabled.

I hate it that I look different than my friends. How can I fit in? First of all, you are fabulous just the way you are. I went through a period of wearing a back brace that didn't allow me to wear the same clothes all my friends were wearing and it drove me crazy. Don't worry about the latest trends or being like other people. You just be you. Self confidence is the best outfit you can put on, it isn't the actual clothes or accessories that make you special, and everyone will love you for it.

I don't understand it. In elementary school (or middle school) I had so many friends. When I changed schools and went to middle school (or high school), everyone is picking on me. Even my old friends are now picking on me. What did you do when you were picked on in school? . . .UH OH (How do I answer this one?)!

I have heard more horror stories of our patients getting picked on in school because they have a disability than I can count. Parents have had to start home schooling their children because the verbal "abuse" from their peers was becoming so bad for their child the only way to end it was to home school. It breaks my heart to hear that these amazing kids at some point in their academic career are getting picked on so severely.

The problem is this. I have always been in a wheelchair but in mainstream or honors classes. I was always the only disabled person in any of my classes. You would think I would be a prime target for being picked on right? WRONG!

Not one day in my academic career was I picked on. NOT ONE DAY. From preschool to grad school, I was treated as an equal, because I was. . .and I believed that. I had a ton of friends, was editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, was in different clubs, won both academic and social awards, etc.

The thing that would amaze me is my friends who 100% accepted me would make fun of another person in a wheelchair IN FRONT OF ME! What the heck people? How can you be friends with me and do something like that?

I understand that you don't have to have a disability to be picked on. My hubby for example tells me stories of how he was picked on in school, and so does one of my best friends; he says the same. So why was never picked on?

So here I am, with a patient and/or parent of a patient who is looking to me to provide the answer to the "How do I fit in and not get picked on" question and I have no true to life example to give.

I have thought at times that maybe I should make up a story that would help them feel they are not alone. That I understand their pain. Then I realize, that is not going to help the situation. In fact, I might do more harm then good.

The truth does come out and I explain that I have never been picked on, but I think I can help.

I remember as a child, my father telling me that people will pick on you because they want to see a reaction. They want to see they have "gotten to you." If you don't respond, they quit doing it. I never had to apply that technique, but I offer it up as a possible suggestion.

Then I get real. The most important point I try to instill in them is how wonderful they are. No matter what anyone says. I know it is painful to hear negative things, especially from those they considered their friends, but the truth is they are amazing. They need to believe that. That is the key. The self confidence of knowing their chair, their brace, their walker. . .does not define who they are.

I may not have the answers to everything, but I am honored they feel comfortable and confident coming to me. I just hope that through my compassion they find the strength to get through their heartache.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Quench Your Thirst With a Fruity Twist

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! Let's face it, the first day of Summer might not have hit our calendars yet, but the weather reports sure think we have. I don't know about your part of the world, but this sunny FL girl has temps reaching the 90s each day with the lows only ever getting into the low 80s. It's hot, darn hot!

It's exceptionally important to stay hydrated during the warm months of Summer and this just might be a fun and tasty solution to getting adequate amounts of necessary water while adding a healthy twist of flavor! Consider adding slices of fruit to your ice cubes. Simple right? An added bonus to doing this is that it adds a small amount of flavor to your water or drink of choice. . .perhaps a frosty adult beverage?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'll Always Be Daddy's Little Girl

"Even when you are 70 and I'm 95, you'll still be my little girl." It is amazing how such a statement lingers in my mind and my heart. My father has said this to me more times than I can remember, but each time he says it I can't help but smile and think how lucky I am to have a father that loves me more than life itself.

I remember looking at my father as a child in amazement. When we lived in our little brick home in Pennsylvania I remember sitting on the stairs leading down to our family room listening to him play the guitar and sing Elvis songs. He sounded just like him! I could listen to him for hours. At the age of three I couldn't quite carry a tune, but he was all too happy to let me join in and that was such a thrill for me.

We used to go snowmobiling together too. Sitting in front of him on the snowmobile I would help him steer through the glistening snow. I always felt so safe sitting with him. One evening we were riding through the park, which you were not supposed to do. All of a sudden we were met by red and blue flashing lights. My tiny heart raced as the cop got out of his car and came toward my father and I.

Wearing my ski mask to keep warm I kept my eyes focused on the ground. I couldn't, or should I say wouldn't look at the policeman. I was sure we were going to jail. Being a small town my father knew the cop and we were soon off the hook with only a warning. Breathing a sigh of relief, as I was sure I would be the youngest person ever arrested, my father had saved the day.

As I got older, my relationship with my father only grew stronger. No matter what, I knew he would always be there for me. Whenever I would doubt myself, my father's confidence in my abilities would always push me to try a little harder. If my father said I could do something, even when I was unsure, I trusted him enough to give it a go. And you know. . .he was always right.

Being an only child I got a lot of attention from both of my parents. My father never let an opportunity pass by to let me know how much he loved me or how proud  he was of me. I know with all of my triumphs: graduating high school, college, grad school, new jobs, marriage. . .my father's chest grows a little more with pride.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, I wanted to make sure I did something special for my father. Being in a wheelchair I knew I would not be able to do the "traditional" father daughter dance, however this was not going to stop me from doing something special
for him.

I talked it over with the DJ in our planning meetings before the wedding and together we came up with a great idea. I loved the song "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion for our dance. The lyrics truly embody what my father means to me. "You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn't speak. You were my eyes when I couldn't see. You saw the best there was in me." This song was my father!

I remember being at our reception and our DJ asking my father and I to come to the dance floor. My dad asked me, "What's going on?" and I of course just smiled. The DJ then said that I wanted to dedicate the next song to my father. I grabbed my dad's hand as the song began to play and we just listened to the words.

After a few verses the DJ asked for others to join us on the dance floor. My dad gave me a hug as we both looked at each other with tear filled eyes.

"I love you," my dad said to me, "I love you!"

In 2007 my dad had to have his gallbladder taken out. I will never forget this ordeal as long as I live. My mother had flown out just the day before to go to a wedding in PA. My father had been having abdominal pain, yet never let on just how bad it was. My father always hated doctors and was used to playing the tough guy that was immune to pain.

The pain became so intense that he ended up driving himself to the local hospital. They admitted him immediately as his pancreas was very enlarged and he had gallstones. Learning that my father was in the hospital, my hubby and I could not get to him fast enough.

On the two and a half hour drive to the hospital I prayed for his recovery and well being. I remember telling my husband through a stream of tears that I didn't know how I would look at him in a hospital bed. I being the one who has had numerous surgeries was used to being in the hospital, but my father. . .he was indestructible to me and I couldn't see him like that.

That night while I was taking a shower I just lost it. Since I need help in the shower it wasn't long before my hubby came in to check on me. When he saw I was crying harder than I can ever remember crying he just held me.

"That should be me in that bed! If only I could trade places with him! Dear God keep my father safe!"

The next morning we got to the hospital right when visiting hours started. Being that I had seen my father in the hospital bed already I figure the shock would be gone. When we entered the room he was asleep, he had an oxygen tube in his nose and he seemed to be breathing very hard. I FREAKED! My hubby said to me,

"You don't know what is going on. He seems to be resting OK. Why don't you get a nurse and ask why he has the oxygen tube."

From that point on I became my father's guardian when it came to his care. I hurried to the nurse wanting answers immediately as to what was going on. My mind was put to ease when it turned out the oxygen was to simply help him sleep better, and to keep him from snoring. My father could wake the dead with his snoring.

Being the worst pain my father had ever been in, he wanted pain medication. Unfortunately, the high dose he was given could only be taken every 2 hours and he still had 20 minutes to go. I decided I would do the only thing I knew might ease the pain. I went over to his bedside and held his hand. I'm sure in the big picture this didn't do much, but it did seem to put him at the slightest bit of ease. He was able to relax enough to say,

"Will you look at this? Here I am lying in a hospital bed, my wife is in another state and my daughter is sitting here holding my hand." We still laugh about that comment to this day.

Thank the Lord his surgery went well and he is as good as new now. I told him I would give him a reason to be in the hospital if he ever scared me like that again. He of course told me that he was just getting back at me for all those times I did the same to him when I was younger.

A father-daughter relationship like ours doesn't happen everyday. I am truly blessed to have him as my father. The love, safety, encouragement, laughter and pride I receive from my father are priceless. My father tells me how lucky he is to have me as his daughter, but I think it is the other way around. I am the lucky one to have him as my father!

Happy Father's Day dad!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Flashback

{A beautiful path cut through a canopy of trees at Aldermans Ford Park that I can't wait to visit and take a stroll hand-in-hand with my hubby.}

Hello Friends. Happy Friday!!! We've made it through another busy week. I must say I am looking forward to a little R&R this weekend! With the little ones out of school (Even though I don't have little ones of my own.) I find myself missing the days of Summer vacation where you never knew what new adventure you would find yourself on and now I like to fill my personal time with activities that reflect those simpler days. This week's Friday Flashback I'm focusing towards those activities that I hope to do this Summer.
{I've been wanting to tour the Pioneer FL Museum. In 1961, a prominent citizen of San Antonio, Florida, offered a variety of old farm equipment to the Pasco County Fair Association. The main Museum is housed in a 50' by 100' steel building, which features a wide rustic front porch, an addition of a medical room. Also on the grounds stands the restored Overstreet House, a one-room school house, a church, the Trilby depot and a train engine.}

{I have heard nothing but rave reviews of Hyde Park’s CineBistro. I love doing dinner and a movie for date night. CineBistro combines the two under one roof.}
{Can you believe I am 33-years-old and have never had a facial?! I know, I'm just as appalled as you are! I've had the mani/pedi, hubby and I have a massage therapist come to our house to give us each an hr massage each month, but I have never had an in-spa facial. I think it is about time I change that!}

{OK, call me corny (I'm OK with it), but about an hour and a half from our house is the Weeki Wachee Springs. One of the main attractions there is their mermaid show and I really want to go and see it. My hubby remembers going here on a field trip in elementary school, but I have never been. It may be touristy, but I don't care. I want to see the mermaids!}

 So what about you? What is on your Summer to-do wish list?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surviving a Bad Haircut . . . It's Just Hair . . .Right?

I was so excited to get my long hair cut short for a cool new do for Summer. My hair was mid back length and I wanted something that just touched my shoulders with some layers added in.

In trying to save a little money, I decided I would go to MasterCuts to get a trim. So they are not a "high end salon". How bad could they mess up my hair right? They would just be shortening it up a bit anyway. Why spend $40+ to get a trim? What could go wrong?
To put it lightly, last night I could have died. We've all had it happen. A haircut gone horribly, horribly wrong and it's a living nightmare. What makes this an earth-shattering event is that you can't do a thing about it, and for women especially, a bad hair day can throw the universe out of whack.
If it was a bad poodle perm you could have the hairdresser relax the curl. If it was a bad dye job you could try to dye it again. But once those scissors have sliced through your hair - even crazy glue can't re-attach it (After an uneven cut last night, trust me, I've tried.).
Now, OK, it isn't THAT bad. I will even share a picture with you to prove it.

My longest length is the length I wanted it to be, right at my shoulders/collar bone. My problem is the layers that frame my face are uneven. On the left, my shortest layer is even with my mouth. On the right, my shortest layer is more so even with my nose.
OK, was the hairdresser who was working on my hair that was supposedly "their best" drunk? How does that happen?!

A little tuck behind my ear and no one is the wiser, but I HATE how the fabulous feeling of looking great with your new do was left on the salon floor with the four inches of my locks.
So what to do? I've turned to my fabulous hubby who thinks I just look adorable. He's so supportive, bless his heart. I've turned to my friends who are very supportive and feel my pain; understanding my displeasure.
Here are some tips for dealing with a new (unwanted and unflattering) 'do that I loved from, wait for it KidzWorld (One of the best articles I found when Googling bad haircuts).

Hate it - Say It
If you went in for a trim and ended up with less hair than Mr. Clean or you wanted a body wave and ended up with a fro Justin Timberlake would envy, say something. The worse thing you can do is smile, nod and pay for it without so much as a whimper. If you don't tell them you are unhappy they don't know. Most hairdressers don't want you to be unhappy - they'll lose your business. They should be more than willing to discount you or fix the situation, if possible.
See here is my problem. As she was cutting it, it looked fine, I didn't truly realize the horror until I was home, showered and drying my hair. That's when the OMG moment happened. Too late to say something and I would be even more unhappy if she cut the longer side to match.

Go Home and Get a Grip

Okay, when it first happens you can cry, scream and feel sorry for yourself all you want, but then you need to get over it. Your hair's gone and tears and pity-parties will not make it grow back any faster. The first thing you need to do is wash it and style it yourself. Sometimes the cut isn't as heinous as you think, it's just the way your hairdresser styled it that makes it look wonky. Give it a good wash, get out your fave styling product and go to work.
And my added "get a grip" instruction; remind yourself "I Look Good Today!"


If it still looks like you lost a wrestling match with a lawn mower, take yourself on an shopping spree. Buy some cute little barrettes, headbands, even glittery hair gel. With a little luck you can turn the "massacre" into a funky, edgy style.
This is my saving grace. I am all set to go on a headband/cute hair accessory spree.


When all else fails - smile. Don't let it ruin your life. If you walk around with a scowl on your face, it's not gonna help you look (or feel) any better. Why turn an ugly haircut into an ugly personality? Smiling always looks good on a person - and who knows, maybe the glare from your pearly whites will blind people to that not-so-hot hairdo.

So what about you? Do you feel my pain? Have you had this happen to you? And what do you think of my new do? Once it is grown out a little, I think it will be just fine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

To celebrate the fact that it’s now half-way through the week, I’ve rounded up some current accessory obsessions that need to make their way into my closet.

{This adorably whimsicle "Eat Me" necklace from ModCloth is called Necklace in Wonderland. Redolent of the inquisitive explorations of Lewis Carroll's Alice, these tiny bottles labeled "Eat Me" are filled with faux, whimsically tiny treats, and stoppered with a round ball lid. Whether your necklace will feature sweets of the brown sugar, pink sugar, chocolate chip, or oblong, 'chocolate-dipped' variety, is all part of the yet-to-be-discovered charm of your accessory adventures! This I think might be top of my list.}

{I love headbands and bows. This sweet and sparkley headband is an ideal combination of both.} 

{I have pretty good eye sight. I do have a prescription for distance vision, that I hardly ever use, but when I do, I want my glasses to be stylish. I am really crushing over these J. Lo spectacles.}

{Forever 21 has the most unbelievable accessories at such great prices. I fell in love with these lavender beaded dangle earrings the first time I saw them and now they are no longer available which I am kicking myself over. I'll have to do a little Ebay hunting.}

What are your thoughts?  Are any of these items calling to you? What are your accessory crushes for Summer?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watch It!

Watches have always been one of my must have accessories. I have a watch on 24/7. Literally. My watch only comes off when I am in the shower. A little excessive? Perhaps. I am just so used to having a watch on my wrist I feel naked without it.

My hubby always jokes with me, "Why do you need your watch? You gotta catch a bus?"

I have a love/hate relationship with watches though. My wrist are the size of a five-year-old's so I can't do the really chunky, more "trendy" style watches. A watch face that is too big covers my whole wrist and just looks stupid.

Growing up I had my Swatch watch where you could change the face cover to match any outfit (Loved that one! It was great for the fashion of the 80s. . .all the neon colors LOL.), my Coca-Cola watch, my Precious Moments watch. . .

My taste in watches has changed, but you will still never catch me without one of these time pieces on my wrist. . .or hanging from my neck some days. Here are some of my latest watch loves that not only help me stay punctual, but looking good too. . .

{Sparkling crystals frame a luminous mother-of-pearl dial in this Michael Kors rose gold watch. This precious time piece is perfect for your picnic in the park or a romantic night out with your sweetheart.}

{The tortoise shell watches are all the rage this season. I love this Michael Kors chocolate-dial watch with the tortoise shell band. You won't be late with this baby on your wrist.}

{I actually have this Fossil Tiffany watch already, except mine is a two toned silver and gold band and frame. I get more compliments on this watch than any other. I love the rhinestones separating each link and along the frame of the watch face. You surely will have that dainty, girly feeling wearing this beauty.}

{Step back in time with this pocket watch from ModCloth that mixes old-timey charm with new and stylish trends. The etched filigree cover opens to reveal a dazzling face and golden numbers, while a long chain holds the beautiful timepiece in place. Close the cover, and the voguish face still peeks through the elegantly chiseled top! Wear it with vintage or modern ensembles, and you'll be perfectly on-trend (and on-time!) in this lovely treasure.}

{Ready, set, go! It'll be easy to count the seconds to the finish line as you bike the Tour de France with this trusty watch necklace from ModCloth securely around your neck. And, when you're not on the road, you'll be able to show your love for bicycling by sporting this sweet timekeeper with your girliest dresses or most casual tees and jeans. You'll love the swivel handlebars and the built-in kickstand that will let you prop your necklace on your bedside stand when it's not around your neck. It even comes complete with an adjustable chain!}

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dream a Little Dream of Me

I've always been one of those people that dreams a lot and remembers a lot of my dreams.

Would you believe I still remember a dream I had as a four of five year old child.

I remember that my bed levitated, it floated through our house we were currently living in up north, flew out the front door and to one of our neighbors houses that lived behind us. The weird part was, a vampire family lived there. However, this was not your scary vampire variety. This was the Count Chocula variety (For all of you 30 somethings out there you will remember those cereal commercials.). They were very kind and invited me in for a meatball dinner.


Not only the details of the dream were crazy, but also that all these years later I still remember the details.

The most significant thing with my dreams however isn't necessarily the vivid details, it is the fact that in my dreams I see myself walking. I have never had a dream where I was in a wheelchair.

The only thing I can think of is that I don't see myself with many limitations. I see myself just like everyone else, so in my dream world, that is exactly how it is. There are no barriers for me. I'm dancing and running and ice skating and doing all the things I would love to do in reality.

I guess it isn't such a big deal that I dream of myself this way. However I do find it interesting that others do the same.

When someone says to me that they had a dream about me, before they continue to tell me their dream I ask them if I was in a wheelchair. After a thoughtful pause the response I always get seems to be the same,

"You know, you weren't in a wheelchair. You were walking. I guess because I don't think of you in that way. I just see you."

The funny thing is, when my hubby dreams of me he says I am in a wheelchair, however it doesn't limit me.

Hearing these comments makes me so happy to know that people don't put limitations on me either. They see me for me.