Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Flashback

{I love pumpkin. So when I saw the new pumpkin custard with, tasty gingersnap crumble and fluffy caramel mousse at Cracker Barrel, this girl just had to try it. And there’s a fresh-baked gingersnap cookie to top it all off. This sweet treat is the perfect taste of autumn!} 
So the Dolphin Tale movie came out last weekend featuring yours truly (Shriek!). I had the funniest interaction. I was in Hallmark with my hubby this week and I had on the tee shirt for the movie. One of the store's employees said to me, "Oh Dolphin Tale. Have you seen that movie yet?" I wanted to reply, "Yes, it's very good." However what came out was, "We're in that movie!" A huge smile appeared on her face and she sweetly asked for our autograph. So this is what it feels like to be famous huh? I like it! I was also asked later in the week to be in a commercial for Universal Studios, however they needed me Wed and Thurs and as much as I wanted to do it, my schedule was already booked.

I hope you had a great week. Don't forget to enter the hair fascinator giveaway. Entries will be taken through Sunday, October 2.

{I bought this really cool star projector. You can set it for your exact location and time of year to project the night sky. I love it for quiet married nights at home. Would be a fun way to eat ice cream and watch Big Bang Theory, haha.}

{This is one of my new favorite shows. I laugh so hard my face hurts. "No! I can't call Spencer I haven't talked to him since he cheated on me with that ho! Actually, that's not fair. She might be a really nice ho." OMG hysterical!}
{I adore this light gray top from Ruche! It reminds of a day at sea. I want to go sailing now. The weather is perfect for it here!}

{I'm a HUGE Tampa Bay Rays fan! Watching Evan Longoria hit the game winning home run on Wednesday night to seal their fate for the playoffs. . .priceless!}

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post: Believe You Are Beautiful!

Hi all! Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide ( here, stopping by for a visit. Thanks so much to Jamie for having me as a guest blogger on I Look Good Today!
I’ve been struggling what to share with you as I wanted something that you can read to make you be able to take action and say, “I Look Good Today.” What I realized is that it isn’t as simple as an outfit post, a simple piece of fashion advice or a delicious (yet shockingly healthy!) recipe. It’s about how you feel because you let yourself believe you are beautiful. It’s taken more than you’d think for me to get there.
In the past two years my body has taken me for a ride: I had a baby girl and then four months later, became very sick with a rare neurological condition. While my paralysis was temporary, I am left with a very different body than I had two years ago. You can’t see my neurological conditions or internal issues. But I can – and hope you can too – see how strong I am. While I have had some frustrations along the way, this time has shown me that my body is so incredible and awesome that it created life, that it has bounced back from paralysis and is fighting even harder than ever to live the life I want for it.
So while I look in the mirror, sometimes frustrated by my not-so-flat-tummy, I remind myself about all I am capable of. It’s something all women have to do. Take a minute to recognize yourself, your body, and really, truly think about all that you are capable of as well. And, for one minute, just look in the mirror and say, man, I don’t look good today… I look HOT today!
Want to read more about my more serious Vent Seshes like this and my more casual fashion, food and fun posts? Give Jamie some love here and then hop on over to The Average Girl’s Guide! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 2nd Versatile Blogger Award! You Like Me. You Really Really Like Me!

A big thank you to my sweet friend Ruth Madison for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award.

I look forward each day to reading her blog and to see the sweet and inspiring comments she leaves for me. Make sure to check her out!

Here are the rules for the award, though if you don’t feel like participating, I won’t be offended!

1. Thank the person who gave you the award (that’s me) and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself (see mine below).
3. Pass this Award along to 10 recently discovered or favorite blogs and let them know about it.

Oh and remember to enter the exciting giveaway going on right now. Entries will be accepted through Sunday of this week! Don't miss your chance to win!

OK, 7 things about me that you are just dying to know:

1) I'm a Taurus, and yes I live up to the bullheaded nature this sign suggests!

2) Diamonds are a girls best friend, and my birthstone!

3) I have been known to still sleep with a stuffed animal. Ya, so what I'm 30 something!

4) I am deathly afraid of spiders and any other creepy crawly bug! So much as I will cover my face until my hubby kills it and discards of the remains LOL.

5) In my 9th grade geography class we were working on a group project. Four of us were seated around a rectangular table. The person in front of me, Jose, was under the impression that because I am in a wheelchair I cannot feel my legs. On and off for a few minutes he kept playing footsie with me. To get him to stop, I kicked him. What was his reaction? He jumps up out of his seat and announces to the whole class. . ."She's cured! She kicked me! She's cured!!!" After I coxed him to sit down I told him, no, I'm not cured, you're just crazy. For the next three years any time we were together he asked me to kick him. LOL.

6. The fall is my absolute favorite season!

7) I appeared in a commercial, on the side of a bus and on a billboard during my sophmore year of college. The ads were actually for the college I was attending at the time.

Now that we have gotten through that, I'm passing this award on to:

Melissa at So about what I said...

Alyson at The Average Girl's Guide

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Joanna at A CUP OF JO

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Abby at abbzzw

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From Where I Sit: Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

I wondered how long it would take for the inevitable, "I'm curious about the sex thing," question would enter the new From Where I Sit Feature of I Look Good Today. As promised, I will do my best to answer those tough questions that have been plaguing your mind regarding the disabled world.

So let's start out with the question posed to me by an anonymous reader:

Q. "So yeah. I'm curious about the sex thing. I figured since your legs don't work, neither does anything below the waist. Can you feel it? I figured the guy has to do all the work since you can't move your legs. I guess woman on top is out. What about doggy? Or missionary? I guess I'm interested to know about the mechanics of it all. Don't leave it as yeah I can have sex."

A. For me what happens in the bedroom is pretty "normal." I understand that there is often a misconception that if you can't walk, you obviously cannot move or feel anything below the waist. For me neither is true. I can move and feel everything 100% normally. My issue is that I have a muscle weakness that prevents me from being able to stand or walk. So in my case, the events that go on in the bedroom are really nothing out of the ordinary.

Some differences for my husband and I? The biggest would be that he has to put me on the bed. I can't transfer myself. Also, I cannot undress myself totally, so again, his help is needed. Now, I don't know about you ladies, but I do not see a problem with either of these, and if this is my biggest challenge with being romantic with my husband, that's fine with me.

I am lucky in this respect that myself and my husband can enjoy each other without much, if any, alterations. For those with disabilities that are more involved, then yes, I am 100% sure that what you and I would consider "normal" is not so for them, but at the same time, they find out what works for them. We all have our little "thing" that turns us on, so they need to find and utilize what does it for them.

One thing that does bum me out is the fact that sexy lingerie is sorta out for me. Not that I am against it by any means, but since I need help getting dressed what am I gonna do say, "Hey Honey, can you help me put this cute little number on?" Ahhh no, what would be the point?  For me it would be sort of a mood breaker, what do you think?

Keep this in mind. Sex doesn't always have to mean actual intercourse. I think people forget what a turn on a touch, a kiss, etc can really be. I truly believe when it comes down to it, it all depends on having the right partner, whether you are disabled or not. You want someone that you feel 100% comfortable with; who accepts you, imperfections and all. You want someone you love that loves you back. When you have those things in your favor, the passion you have will leave you trembling for more.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway - BoudicaBags Hair Fascinator

Today's giveaway is from Anni of BoudicaBags, an Etsy store where you will find handcrafted bags and accessories made with exquisite fabrics, beads, lace, vintage jewelry and anything shiny.

"Creating handbags allows me to indulge in my love of color, fabrics, beads, fiber, and all things shiny! Boudica Bags are truly one-of-a-kind: In some cases they can be duplicated, depending on fabric availability. I rarely make the same purse twice though. That's because there are so many fabrics and embellishments crying out to be made into a purse!"

Anni is extremely talented. Her creativity is branching out from purses and is adding one of my favorites, the hair accessory. 

Just in time for fall, Anni is offering this hair fascinator to one lucky reader. What a beautiful way to jazz up your ensemble with this eclectic piece in your hair!

 Want to win?? Here's how to enter (required):

Publicly follow I Look Good Today via Google Friend Connect (see sidebar to follow)! Then visit Anni's shop, BoudicaBags. Look at all the lovely, handmade pieces she has to offer and comment on this post with your favorite item. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

For additional entries, leave a separate comment for each one of the following: 
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This giveaway ends Sunday, October 1st at 11:59pm EST.  Open to all followers (international). Winner will be selected by

Good luck!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Flashback

{Walkin' the red carpet at the Dolphin Tale Premier.}
 Happy Friday Gorgeous! It's finally the first day of fall and I couldn't be more excited, are you?!

Ok, hubby and I are officially famous! Today the movie Dolphin Tale opens in theaters in the US, and as many of you know, we were both background entertainment in the film. We were on set six days back in November of last year rubbing elbows with Harry Connick Jr, Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd and we HAD A BLAST!!!. For months now we have seen ourselves in the previews for the movie on TV, and because of this our anticipation of the movie's release has been almost impossible to handle.

On Wednesday of this week, my hubby and I walked the red carpet at the movie's premier. To be in such an environment was unbelievable. The cameras flashing one after another, the feeling of excitement in the air. . .I could definitely get used to that scene, I'm not gonna lie! As we entered Ruth Eckerd Hall and took our seats we saw so many friends that we had made on set that we hadn't seen since. Many hugs were shared and as the lights went down over the theater, we put on our 3D glasses and waited to see if we had made it into the film or if we were forever doomed to the cutting room floor. Our scene is at the end of the movie. As the scene approached, hubby and I who were already holding hands, grasped each other a little tighter. Then it happened. There we were. On the big screen. And there we were again, and again and again. A-MAZ-ING!!!

What an experience this has been. I can't wait for friends and family to see the film. Even if we were not in it, the story is one that will really make an impact on so many people, because although the movie is partially fiction, the story of Winter is all fact.

If anyone would like an autograph, I'm happy to send one LOL. You can say you knew me when *Wink*.

{The projection that showed on either side of the theater.}

{A group of us "background talent" after the movie and so excited to have seen ourselves on the big screen.}

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Feature: From Where I Sit

Hello Friends. Can I just tell you how thankful I am for your following I Look Good Today? I have met so many wonderful people in the short time my little blog has been around. I enjoy reading your emails and comments that you send, and I just hope you enjoy your visit with me each day as much as I do!

I was recently given the suggestion by one of my amazing followers that I should start a new feature where you could ask me, a physically disabled (and fabulous *wink*) woman a question regarding having a disability.

I LOVED this idea. I realize that there are inevitable questions that go through people's minds when it comes to those who have a physically disability, but those questions often times go unanswered as to not offend the person.

I have always been open about my physical challenges, and would much rather someone ask rather than assume when it comes to what I can or cannot do.

Each year I attend The Great American Teach In which brings business professionals into the school system from K-12 to talk about their role in the working world. I usually seem to end up somewhere in the 7-10th grade classes and the questions that are fired at me never cease to amaze me.

I can always count on being asked by at least one student, "Can you have sex?" LOL.

Some of the others I get asked, "How do you get dressed?" "Can you drive?" "Why are you in a wheelchair?

Another part of my presentation is a segment I like to call "Walk in my shoes." Being that I work in a hospital where every patient has some physical disability (They can't walk, are missing a limb, have a curved spine, etc) I let the students see what it might be like to live with one of these physical challenges. For instance we have a race. Three students with lace up shoes sit in chairs at the front of the class, they hold one hand behind their back and untie and tie their shoe using only one hand to simulate missing a limb.

It is hysterical when they try to "cheat" by sneaking their other arm down or when they say, "Man, no one could do this!"

It is always a great experience and I hope that I leave these impressionable minds with the understanding that a person might look different or have to go about doing something in a different way, but we all deserve respect, friendship and understanding.

I want to open up this same kind of discussion with you. Is there something you have always wanted to ask a person with a physical disability, but were too afraid of offending them? Well here is your chance. I am an open book and would love to answer your questions. I'm not shy or easily embarrassed, so ask away!

Please keep in mind that not all disabilities are the same. You can have two people with the same diagnosis and their experiences can be night and day from each other! I can only give you my opinion from my experience, "From Where I Sit."

You can either leave a question in the comment section or feel free to email me at I will then do a blog post answering your question. I can't wait to hear what's on your mind!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Perfectly Plaid

{Plaid top from JCPenney, tan pants from NY&Co, chain necklace and earrings from Target, Fossil watch}
As we have begun to see the fall season's trends on the radar, I was thrilled when plaid prints seem to be all the rage. I couldn't wait to wear this navy and tan button up top from JCPenney. Our temps here in FL are still reaching the low 90s, so I can't bust out the cute light weight sweaters and scarves like my northern friends, but that doesn't mean I can't start to incorporate and embrace all that fall will bring when my closet is concerned. . .there just might be a little twist to it.

{I've always loved this chain necklace and earrings. . .and my hair is lookin' fierce in this picture if I do say so myself!}

{Don't you just love those outfits that you feel really cute in? This is one of mine!}

 So what do you lovely ladies think?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best and Worst Dressed at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Ahhh the Emmy's, how I love you! An evening to oooohhh and awwww (and sometimes scream, "Girl, what were you thinking wearing that?") at our favorite stars as they walk the red carpet. Sunday was the 63rd Prime Time Awards hosted by Jane Lynch. I LOVE HER! I thought she did an amazing job, and you know me, I love Glee, so the added a Glee element was right up my alley! Here are my thoughts on the best and worst stressed at this year's Emmy's.

Best Dressed:

{Julia Stiles. I think Julia just looks stunning in this silver, mermaid cut dress.}

{Jennifer Carpenter. I thought her dress was to die for. I love the sequins and the slit on one side to give a little leg action.}

{Heather Morris. Hey hot momma! Heather, to me, was the best dressed out of the entire Glee cast. She pulls off this dramatic V cut dress with flying colors!}

{Brooke Anderson. This emerald green one shoulder dress is gorgeous on her.}
Worst Dressed:

{Jayma Mays. It REALLY hurts me to put my girl Jayma on this list, but can someone please tell me what is up with this dress? I feel like I should be going to prom in the 80s wearing this dress.}

{Lea Michelle. Another one of my Glee gals coming up as a disappointment! What the heck is with the puffy sleeves and bag like chest? This look is just not flattering at all on her.}
{Heidi Klum. I think I would like this dress much better if it were floor length.}
What are your favorites from the Emmy Awards? Anything make you cringe?

Monday, September 19, 2011

It Suits Him Well!

I definitely prefer a more casually clad guy. The type of man that looks great in a pair of well fit jeans. . .scrumptious! However, I will say that a man dressed up in a tuxedo is extremely sexy! It’s the ultimate celebration of a man’s style and such a classic way to make a statement in a sleek, form-fitted suit. Below are some of my favorite movie moments when the actor nearly stole the show from his leading lady while wearing a tux.

{“Meet Joe Black” – Brad Pitt made the notion of death sound inviting.}
{"Titanic" - Leonardo DiCaprio can take my hand any day.}

{"Water for Elephants" - Robert Pattinson looks absolutely dreamy as he leans in for a kiss.}
{"Circle of Friends" - Chris O'Donnell could make any girl melt in his arms.}
My favorite tux moment doesn't come from a movie, it is my hubby looking so handsome on our wedding day!

What is your favorite tuxedo movie moment?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Flashback

{My new hair! I love it!!! I went with the Courtney Cox layers, which I know are hard to see in this pic with my dark hair. What do you think?}

Happy Friday Beautiful! This has been one of those weeks where I am just finding myself exceedingly happy. Maybe because the week has been filled with a trip to Disney World, a fabulous haircut and an invitation to the premier of the Dolphin Tale movie that comes out next Friday that my hubby and I are extras in. Yes friends, yours truly will be rockin' the red carpet on Wednesday of next week, rubbing elbows with Harry Connick Jr, Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman and Kris Kristofferson. . .AHHHHHH!!!! Ooops, so sorry. . .got a little excited there! It has been almost a yr since we spent six days on set of this upcoming 3D motion picture. Now the biggest concern. . .what to wear?! I hope your week has been a good one. Enjoy a relaxing and fun weekend!

{I loved this "Who Were You Expecting, Sleeping Beauty" nightshirt.}

{Running into two of my favorite volunteers in my department who have gone on to pharmacy school.}

{I really want this dress from the Missoni for Target line!}

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girl Crush: Anna Paquin

Are you a fan of True Blood? I am addicted to it! The blood, the gore, the suspense, the romance. . .swoon! From the very first episode I have had a girl crush on Anna Paquin who plays local waitress and telepath, Sookie Stackhouse. She may come off as the meek and mild farm girl type, but this girl can really kick some butt.

As if True Blood wasn't success enough, by the age of 11 she was already a film star (The Piano) and by 12 an Oscar winner for her role in the movie.  She was unmistakably destined for great things and went on to star in films such as: Almost Famous, X Men and many other big titles.

I love that Anna, a natural brunette, can easily pull of both sweet and sassy. She has a fun way about her that I just adore. Her sense of style goes from soft and girly to edgy and racey and she looks fierce in every single thing she wears. . .man I hate her LOL.

And can we talk for a minute about not only the man she is married to, but also the men that play her love interests on True Blood? HELLO MAN CANDY!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Would You Like to Advertise on I Look Good Today?

Would you like to advertise on I Look Good Today? The fall is going to be an exciting time, with a few new features and returning favorites covering fashion, makeup, shopping, relationships and of course, honest talk about my life with a physical disability and much, much more.

I'm so excited to offer advertising opportunities to online shop owners, Etsy sellers, photographers, bloggers and designers. Ads are displayed on the right sidebar. My rates are ideal venues for small businesses.

Quick Stats:

*Founded on April 12, 2011
*Monthly unique visitors: 16,000
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*Viewers ranging from over 10 different countries

Please email for rates. Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you!

Get Paid to Shop

I am very excited to share this fantastic site with you. If you love shopping as much as I do, you must check out! When you sign up for this online shopping portal you can get up to 30% cash-back on purchases from stores like Sephora, Macy's, Nine West (Some of my favorites!) and thousands more. You'll get a check in the mail four times a year - just in time to update your wardrobe for the coming season. And don't overlook their weekly coupons!

Yet another possible savings here with these Macys promotional codes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Rode My First Roller Coaster . . . NEVER AGAIN!!!

You've been hearing me talk for the past week or so that this past Saturday I was going to the Magic Kingdom with my hubby and BFF to celebrate BFF's bday.

That morning we all got up before the sun so we could make the hour drive to Orlando to be there for when the park opened. We made great time getting to the park, found parking in the very front, and were at the gates as they were starting to let people in. I was so excited to see that the park had already started to celebrate the fall.

We decided to board the train that would bring us to the opposite side of the park. . .why hike it when we could ride a super cool 1920's locomotive? Look how excited my BFF was!

Hubby and I were pretty psyched too!

Our first ride of the day was the Jungle Cruise. Our "captain" was the most energetic person I have ever met! I think she was sniffin' the pixie dust before her shift!

Going to a theme park in a wheelchair has its perks. . .go to the front of the line (check), get the best seats on the ride (check), get to ride "rides" within a ride (Hmm how many times can I say ride in one sentence?) because that is where the wheelchair goes (check). This particular ride I had to get on a lift (Like the Aladan Magic Carpet ride lift you), spin around to be facing the front of the boat (Whoa now we're on the tea cups) and drop down to be even with the floor of the boat (Hello Tower of Terror).

I swear I'm getting to the roller coaster part of our day.

My hubby wanted to explore Tom Sawyers Island, which we were told is not "Jamie friendly." I could ride the raft over to the island, but exploring the island was not accessible. I knew how badly my hubby wanted to explore the attraction, so I had absolutely no problem waiting in a shaded area while he and my BFF played explorer.

While I was waiting, I was faced towards one of the three famous roller coasters at the Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain.

I watched as train after train roared through the mountain. I knew my BFF wanted to ride the three roller coasters at the park (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain). I have never been on a roller coaster. Not because I don't want to ride one, but because I don't have the core upper body strength to hang on. I would fall over without someone really holding me. Plus after I had my back surgery at age 15, it wouldn't be smart to go on a ride that is very jarring to your body having a metal rod from my pelvis to the top of my spine.

I made a comment to the boys when they returned from the journey that the ride didn't seem too extreme. The train, although going fast (30 mph), didn't seem to have many sudden drops or anything too severe. What I had meant by my statement was my hubby should ride with my BFF (He's not the biggest coaster fan). What ended up happening was this conversation:

Me: "I've been watching the train on Thunder Mountain. . .it doesn't look too bad."

BFF: "No it's really not."

Hubby: "It looks like you could even go on."

BFF: "You could ride it."

Me: "Let's go"

So we get to where you board the ride and we ask the attendant if there are any high drops and we were told no.

The plan was to have me sandwiched in between the two of them, however the ride vehicle was not large enough for all of us, so it ended up being my BFF and I in one car and my hubby directly behind us.

So here we are, the bar comes down on our laps (Although my BFF's legs are much thicker than mine, so really it is just hitting his legs and not mine.), my BFF has his arm around my shoulders to help stabilize me as we go around the twists and turns, and my hubby has his hands on the back of my neck to make sure my head doesn't bounce around too much (Remember, not great core upper body strength.).

So we're off like lightning. I have my upper body braced, my head braced, should be all good right? WRONG!!!

What none of us banked on was my butt sliding on the seat. So although my upper body and head were OK, with every twist and turn and mini hill we would go down my butt would slide closer and closer to the edge of the seat. Now there really was nowhere for me to go because you are in an enclosed ride vehicle, BUT you have to understand something. From sitting all the time, my hamstrings are tight. I cannot sit on my knees. The last time I was on my knees I tore every muscle, tendon and ligament in my leg and for the next 3 - 4 months my leg was like triple its normal size. So envisioning me sliding down into this tiny space where my legs would be sandwiched, plus the fast speed, bumps, twist and turns. . .I was panicked!

So here I am trying to scream to my BFF over the roar of the ride and the other passengers screaming in delight:

Me: "Hey, I'm falling. You need to grab on to me!!!"

BFF: "I've got you!"

Me: "No my butt is sliding off the seat, you need to pull me up!"

BFF: "I can't pull you up!"

Me: "You've got to hold on to me!!!"

God bless my BFF! My hubby sitting behind us couldn't of course hear this panicked conversation going on, but was equally as freaked as he saw my head moving from side to side as the train banked nearly on its side with each turn.

At one point, probably at the middle of the ride, my BFF reaches across me and held on to both of my legs to brace me from sliding any more. Granted, also at this point, my butt is completely off the seat and I am sitting in a more lounged position rather than straight up.

After a few more twists, dips and turns we come to the end of our ride; out of breath, white faced and oh so anxious to get off the train!

My hubby immediately went into protective hubby mode:

Hubby: "Are you ok?"

Me: "Yes I'm fine."

Hubby: "Are you in pain? Does anything hurt, anything tingling"

Me: "No, I'm good"

Hubby: "Can you feel this (Poking/tickling my legs, arms, back, neck)?"

Me: "Yes, I can feel everything. I'm fine I swear."

Hubby: "You are never, EVER going on a roller coaster again!!!"

Me: "Who are you tellin!?"

So I survived my first roller coaster ride. To most, Big Thunder Mountain is a pretty tame one. To me, it was the longest, scariest 3:26 minutes of my life!!!

The rest of the day was amazing! We had such a fun time in the park riding the rides, watching some shows and eating some really good food!

What about you friends. Do you like roller coasters and thrill rides? As fun as they may look to me, and as much as I might have wanted to ride one, I must say. . .it will NEVER happen again!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Flashbook

{I watched Tangled for the first time this week. What a super cute movie! I love the chameleon and the horse!!! Friends have been telling me to watch this for such a long time, and I'm so glad I finally did!}
We might not have hit the first day of fall on the calendar, but thanks to my unbelievably sweet hubby I was surprised to come home to a completely decorated house for the season! I couldn't have asked for a better gift. The best part was I knew NOTHING about it. I had casually mentioned I wanted to decorate soon, because I am so ready for everything the fall brings, but didn't think he'd go for decorating quite so early. I was wrong :) This weekend we're off to Disney World to celebrate my Bff's bday. This girl is psyched! I hope whatever you do you have an amazing weekend!

{The beautiful cracked glass candle holder from Yankee Candle we bought this week with a quaint farm/lake scene.}

{Our front door lit up with the fall leaves that we used at our wedding.}
{Our fireplace adorned with more lit fall leaves, and a boy and girl scarecrow that hold hands. Isn't that sweet?}

{The fall leaf tart burner we also got from Yankee Candle Co. The scent. . .spiced pumpkin of course.}