Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It Isn't Over

Hello Beautiful. I know that my posts have been few and far between as of late. I know that I have alluded to "things" going on in my life that have kept me away, but haven't truly given explanation of what those things were. I think enough time has passed that I feel I can share what has been going on in my world with you.

Are you ready for this? I'm not sure if I am, but I'm going to take a deep breath and pray that writing this will actually be therapeutic for me.

Since the beginning of I Look Good Today in 2011, I have shared personal stories with you that revolved around my hubby and I. Stories of how we met, dating, marriage, sex and everything in between. We have been together since 2001 and he was everything to me. I had my prince charming. My fairytale was complete.

Well, as any couple does, we had our issues, and to make a long story short, those issues became overwhelming, and in Oct of last year I moved out of our fairytale "castle" and separated from my prince.

This decision did not come lightly, it didn't come with first exhausting every opportunity to change the situation and it didn't come without extreme heartache. I found myself a shell of the person that I was leading up to this decision. It was the hardest decision of my life (in our life) to make. I felt my world was ending. We aren't talking a casual relationship that was ending here friends. We were talking twelve years of sharing your life with someone you loved deeply. Twelve years of memories. We met when I was 22! I'm now 35!

So, hopefully you can understand a bit more of why I went off the radar for a while and why I am still, almost a year later, pulling myself back into the routine of writing a daily blog and sometimes it is just easier than others.

This all being said, I look at the calendar and think. . .wow, a year has almost gone by. I look at the person that I had become and who I am now and think. . .oh hello Jamie - there you are, I've missed you.

We all go through really hard times in our lives and no one can tell you the extent to how hard you will be hit by your circumstance! Sadly, there was nothing - and I mean nothing - anyone could say to me in my darkest moments that truly consoled me. I felt loved by friends and family, I felt supported, yet I still felt EXTREMELY alone! I was a prisoner in my own head. I cried daily. I was in literal hell! I could not believe that a marriage, a partnership, that had been so strong was crumbling before me and there were too many broken pieces for us to pick up without getting hurt some more.

I literally thought my story was ended. He was the love of my life. Was anyone going to love me like that again? Was I ever going to feel whole again?

It is amazing to me how we go through circumstances in our lives and honestly experience a flood of emotions. I was sad, I was angry, depressed, fearful, faithful, anxious with anticipation, excited for what could be, devastated of what was, guilty for not being able to make things work. . .

Can you understand where I am coming from? You may not have experienced saperating from your spouse, but I am sure you have faced challenges in your life that have been overwhelming.

What I have learned is this. Life does go on. The sun will continue to shine. You will find happiness again.

My mother gave me very good advice, probably the best I have heard, when I was at my worst. She told me to focus. Focus on one, just ONE thing each day that made me happy - that was a positive in my life and hold on to it to carry me through the day. Do you know how hard even that was for me? I was lucky to be functional, and now I was supposed to find something positive? I was going down a very dark and scary path and I knew that if I was going to make it, I needed help.

Luckily I didn't fall in to any of the substance abuse techniques of coping - believe me, it would have been easy to do so. I just focused on the positive as my mother said, I surrounded myself with family and friends,  I prayed and found comfort in my faith and just took one day at a time.

Looking back, a new person, a stronger person, I can tell you with resounding confidence that YES someone will love me and YES I will feel whole again and YES my story isn't over - in fact, it is just beginning.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Wish They All Could Be California Curls

What It Is: Julep bottled the beach! This paraben-free spray uses sea salt water infused with a combination of marine botanicals that provide intense moisture and essential nourishment. The two-punch combo protects hair from sun damage while creating ocean-kissed, tousled waves.

What It Does: Adds texture, boosts volume, and creates gorgeous, ocean-kissed waves allowing for weightless volume and a carefree look, with little work. Great for fine hair to add volume and texture and curly or wavy hair to add piecy texture.

How To Use: Spray on damp or dry hair, finger dry or let air dry. For maximum body, diffuse with heat. Works on wet hair to create volume, on dry hair for piecy texture.
  Features & Benefits:
  • Creates soft, natural looking texture without getting crunchy or greasy.
  • Natural sea salt adds texture and volume with a slight matte finish.
  • Marine botanicals provide moisture and protect hair from sun damage.
I have natuarlly really wavey hair, but you would never know that because I get my hair Japanese straightened once a year for a sleek look.

I do love that loose curl look. I was always so envious of girls who had it. . .aren't we always wanting what we don't have with our hair?

When my July Julep box came and this was included I was THRILLED! I couldn't wait to try it! This smells amazing and gave my straight locks a beachy, sea salt kissed bounce. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Flashback

{On the set of our local ABC affiliate to promote this year's BeYOUty Camp. I am SO PROUD to be part of, and one of the founders of, such an incredible event that instills positive self esteem in teen girls. You can learn more about the camp at www.camp4girls.com}

Hello Sunshine. How was your week? Mine was filled with TV interviews, visits with college football players, home cooked meals and evening walks with my BFF. Everything about this week seemed to leave me with a feeling of pride. I am so proud to be a part of the BeYOUty Camp. Proud to be a USF alumni and getting to interact with current players of the Bulls football team. Proud to be an example to our patients that no matter your disabiliy, you CAN and WILL accomplish your dreams if you put your mind to it.

When I started this blog I never imagined the outpouring of support from everyone. The sweet emails and comments and posts on Facebook and Twitter I receive are absolutely humbling. You share your life with me and I appreciate it more than you will EVER know!

Have a wonderful weekend!
{The USF Football team donated 3 full-sized helmets to Shriners Hospitals for Children - Tampa today. A big thank you to the Bulls!}

{Absolutely LOVE this pearl necklace from Belle's Boutique, a new online shop started by my friend Hollie.}

{A yummy chicken dinner.}

{I know it isn't a new release, but I just watched Pitch Perfect for the first time this week. From start to finish I was laughing. What an AMAZING cast! I would totally join The Barn Bellas!}

Monday, June 24, 2013


Good Morning Gorgeous! I am smitten! Absolutely 100% head over heals!

This is a long overdue review of Julep Zelda! Yes, the name of this polish is Zelda! It’s not Zelda Ocarina Time of Zelda, though. This polish was named after Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the Great Gatsby. I got this polish as a part of Julep’s May Maven box, which was flapper styled (I think because many beauty product companies expected The Great Gatsby movie to leave a great impact on the female viewers…)

This polish consist of silver shiney coat, and light copper ‘dye’ that colors the silver pieces. It is very similar to Julep Sienna, but it feels cooler because of the silver base tone. And like Sienna, and Cindy, this Julep metallic nail polish goes on really well without leaving streaks. I remember Julep blog calling this color a pink gold polish. I guess I can see that but I still would label this color copper-ish silver polish.

Although metallic polishes are never grabbed upon first glance in my polish stash, I have to say that I was blown away by her opacity, her smoothness, and her subtle, classy, but equally sassy color. As you can see, shimmer shimmer shimmy shim shimmer.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

{Top - gifted, black pants - NYC & Co, shoes - Coach, earrings - gifted, Fossil watch}

Good Morning Lovely. I realized that I haven't done a What I'm Wearing Wednesday post in quite some time and when I wore this little number recently, I just loved how it all came together! I know we all have "those outfits" that simply make you feel great - this is one of mine!

I have been running on turbo lately (Thank goodness my chair has a seatbelt. . .I hope that made you smile). I just simply been busy with work and social events that this girl hasn't had time to take a breather. I am however going to be taking a trip in Aug to visit my hometown in PA for my grandmother's 91st birthday - I can't wait.

I have some exciting new posts coming up, as well as a fabulous giveaway you won't want to miss.

I'd love your thoughts on What I'm Wearing Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

Do you ever look at other people’s nails and form an opinion about their personalities? For example, when you notice a woman’s perfectly un-chipped, pale pink manicure, do you immediately think that she’s conservative and sophisticated?

Whether they’re glammed up with sparkly polish or left plain and unadorned, nails can tell a lot about a person. And with all of today’s polish and decor options, there are countless ways to speak volumes about yourself. This may make you wonder, what do my nails say about me?

Red Nails

These say the wearer, like Brooklyn Decker, is “perfectly polished,” pun intended. Fire engine-red nails tell others that you are daring, outgoing, and highly confident. Wear these for a night out to show off your diva side!
Dark Blue and Black Nails
Blue and black are not for the faint of heart. These shades tell others that you are outgoing and live on the wild side. When people see these nails, like on comedian Whitney Cummings, they get the impression that you live an adrenaline-filled lifestyle full of constant excitement!
Bright Pink
Barbie pink nails, like Audrina Patridge‘s, are for light-hearted, optimistic girls–even if you can’t drive the Barbie dream car, why not rep the dream manicure?

Glittery nails are reserved for true glamour girls like Katy Perry–even if real diamonds are out of the question, nails can still look decadent enough to break the bank. Try encrusting your digits with pavé Swarovski crystals to get the right reflection!


Rocking a neon hue is a good sign that you’re up for a good time. Polishes in neon pink, green, orange, and yellow hues let others know that, like AnnaLynne McCord, you are an outgoing extrovert that loves a good party!


Chipped Polish

Stars like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Simpson are frequently seen appearing to be in need of a manicure. When people see chipped nail polish, they can tell that you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have a lot of time to relax (or worse, don't care much about your appearance). If you see that your polish is chipped, take three minutes out of your day to remove the rest. Clean, naked nails are better than the alternative.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Surf the Wave

Hello Gorgeous. I hope you all had a lovely long Memorial Day Weekend!

I woke up this morning simply on cloud 9 and ready to concur the day. I just simply have some things and people in my life right now that continually bring a smile to my face.

On the flip side, I am saddened. Two very dear friends had great losses in their families this weekend. One lost a great grandmother and one her father. Another friend was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because her left side went completely numb.

I have some friends going through very rough times at work and in their finances.

I also spoke with a friend that may have a new job singing on a cruise ship.

When I think back on the tidal wave of emotions that overtook me in a simple weekend. . .love, laughter, sadness, fear, hope, excitement. . .I couldn't help but to think of how it is SO IMPORTANT to choose a positive outlook on life, no matter your situation.

I know what you are saying. . .

"If you even knew what I was going through, you'd see why I don't have a smile on my face."

I know that life's circumstances can be overwhelming. Believe me, I understand more than you know! I have been through things in my life that I simply saw no light at the end of the tunnel. No hope. No happy ending.

With the help of a supportive family and friends, my faith and simply choosing to not give up, those negative feelings that were all consuming and sweeping me out to sea, became more of a soft wake than a rolling tidal wave.

How we deal with things in life is a choice. Yes, feelings and emotions are circumstantial, but we still have a choice.

My mother, a very wise woman, has given me much advice throughout my life. She is truly my sounding board. One of the things she has told me that has stuck in my head since I was a little girl is this. . .

We have very limited control over so many aspects of our life. Don't waste your emotions on those things you have no control over.

Yes, yes I know - easier said than done to not worry or dwell. However, I have lived my life trying to do just that. Now, I am not saying just throw caution to the wind. That isn't what my mother meant. What she meant was - we have to take control and put our time and emotions into things that we can make a difference in. Those "what if this" or "what if that" happens moments are not constructive and only lead to feelings that will inevitably take you to very dark places.

So today I choose to hold on to those feelings that make me feel good. Those people, those moments that put a smile on my face.

Today I choose to help carry those through their rough waters so they can come up for fresh air and see that there is hope.

We don't get to choose too many things in our life experienes, but we can choose our reactions to what comes our way.

Remember inner peace begins the moment we choose to not allow another person or event to control our emotions.

So friends, find that inner sunshine and put on your best summer smile!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Milani’s Color Statement Lipstick Line

I’ll take a Double Espresso, Chocolate Berries and some Candied Toffees, please.

Oh, silly rabbit! I’m not talking about afternoon snacks (although they sound pretty scrumptious, don’t they?). Those are just three of the nine new sinful shades of natural and brown lippies in Milani’s new deliciously pigmented Color Statement Lipstick line.

{Natural and Brown Milani Color Statement Lipsticks from the left: Naturally Chic, Nude Creme, Dulce Caramelo, Teddy Bare, Candied Toffees, Bronze Beauty, D’oro, Chocolate Berries and Double Espresso}
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Make a statement without saying a word! True instant color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish. The lightweight creamy formula contains vitamins A, C and E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free.

I was really impressed with these lipsticks! First off, they are super affordable at just $5.49 each full retail price - and let's not even start to think how affordable they'd become with coupons and/or sales! The pigmentation in these lipsticks in unreal for a drugstore brand; they are super pigmented and go on fantasticly. If you're looking for a sheer lipstick these are NOT for you, but if you want a full color, richly pigmented lipstick then look no further.

Honestly, I find these to be as good or better than higher end brands. I also really like the packaging because the bottoms are color coordinated with the lipstick inside, making them super easy to find what color you're looking for and they look beautiful stored in my lipstick organizer.

My favorites in this new line are Teddy Bare, Dulce Caramelo, Candied Toffees and Bronze Beauty.

I think this collection of colors really have a nice assortment for all skintones - from fair to deep - I think there is something for everyone in this bunch!
Take a peek and let me know what you’re craving.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Been How Long?

Recently, Tori Spelling sat down to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the very famous “Donna Martin Graduates” episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. The episode, titled ‘Something in the Air,’ premiered on May 12, 1993. You might remember: All of the students rallied together to overturn the school board’s ruling that Donna could not graduate. They began the famous chant ‘Donna Martin Graduates!’ Can you believe that was 20 years ago? This anniversary sparked me to look back in the TV time machine and see how long ago some of my favorite TV moments occurred.

22 Years Ago

Some of you may love Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in the newest summer blockbuster, or even as Jack Dawson in the Oscar Award Winning Titanic, but my favorite Leo role was way back in 1991. You might remember the September 28, 1991 episode of Growing Pains ‘In Vino Veritas,’ when homeless student Luke Bower moves in with the Seaver family. The new family had their ‘growing pains,’ but they eventually learned to love one another and moved to D.C.!

20 Years Ago

This couple, although very young, made me believe in love. Let me cut right to the chase: On October 15, 1993, Cory and Topanga shared their first kiss in ‘Cory’s Alternative Friends.’ It was young and innocent. In episodes to come, they fought, they cried, but most importantly they loved one another unconditionally. I think the rest is history. Which brings me to my next favorite moment…

14 Years Ago

This might not have been a major moment for most of you, but it’s something that always stands out in my mind. You know: Ross and those damn leather pants! In ‘The One with All the Resolutions’, the Friends gang decided to make some serious, life-changing decisions. Well, Ross decided to wear leather pants. And on January 7, 1999 he made the very sweaty mistake of taking them off to go the bathroom. They got stuck and he found himself in a very uncomfortable situation. It all worked out and five years later, Rachel got off the plane!

13 Years Ago

Will she pick Dawson or Pacey? That was the constant question in my mind for Ms Joey Potter of the teen drama Dawson's Creek. Although when the series started she was pining over one Dawson Leery, and I will admit their first kiss in his bedroom to end season one made this girl weak in the knees, I always preferred her paired with Pacey. The budding romance between Joey and Pacey had every girl screaming "FINALLY" when they kissed on March 1, 2000 in 'A Cinderella Story.'

So there you have it—some of my favorite TV moments. There are plenty more so feel free to share them below, or on Facebook or Twitter! I'd love to hear yours! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips Tuesday: Pretty Feet

Good Morning Ladies. After months of wearing socks, boots and closed toed shoes it is time to set our toes free!
During winter months when humidity is low, skin dries out more rapidly. In some cases, feet get so dry they peel or crack. While there are plenty of prescription medications that work wonders, I like to start with home remedies, which are inexpensive and can be just as effective.

To soften super-dry areas, soak your feet in original Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash (yes, Listerine!) once or twice a week. Mix one part Listerine with two parts warm water in a basin and soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Then apply a moisturizer like Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Creme, which contains hydrating urea. In addition to skin-sloughing benzoic acid, Listerine contains ethanol, which kills bacteria, fungi, and germs that can lead to athlete’s foot.

Coating feet in a cream like Burt’s Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme, which is loaded with moisture-replenishing honey and jojoba oil, and wearing socks to bed is an excellent way to lock in moisture for softer feet. If you can’t stand to sleep in socks, place a humidifier at the foot of your bed to keep feet hydrated.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rev-up Your Ab Wardrobe Workout!

Hello Beautiful! This spring it's time to rev-up your ab wardrobe workout! From weekend brunch-wear to an elegant evening outfit, here are some of my favorite cool, stomach-baring looks.

{1. Tibi Molded Knit Crop Top, $285; tibi.com
2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Umbrella Box Pleat Leather Skirt, $1,203.13; my-wardrobe.com
3. Alexander Wang Lovisa Python-Effect Leather Pumps, $525; net-a-porter.com}

{1. Maje Aoutien Tie-Front Silk Shirt, $340; net-a-porter.com
2. Girl. by Band of Outsiders Boyfriend Jeans, $185; lagraconne.com
3. Derek Lam Black Leather Beau Sandals, $895; dereklam.com}

{1. Suno Metallic Crop Top $495; net-a-porter.com
2. Erdem Python-Print and Lace Pencil Skirt, $1,680; nat-a-porter.com
3. Nine West Nude Sandals, $85; ninewest.com}

{1. Rochas Cropped Silk Jacket, $462; matchesfashion.com
2. Saint Laurent Wool-Crepe Maxi Skirt, $1,850; net-a-porter.com
3. Azzedine Alaïa Cut Out Sandals, $2,190}
{1. Topshop Sheer Crop Tank, $48; nordstrom.com
2. A.L.C. Panel Knit Flare Skit, $395; intermix.com
3. Sigerson Morrison Brielle Pumps, $502}

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Your Hand-holding Style Says About Your Relationship

Good Morning Gorgeous! As you probably know, there are subtle things that men and women do in relationships to demonstrate how they truly feel. Often, the most telling signs are those that are not immediately apparent. In fact, some of these signs are completely unconscious.

Body language experts around the world study how unconscious body motions and movements signify what men and women are feeling. What your significant other cannot say in words, he or she shows through body language. It’s amazing what kind of information you can pick up on if you’re paying attention.

Although there are literally thousands of different body language signals, one of the most commonly referred to is hand-holding styles, especially when it comes to relationships. How couples hold hands says a lot about how they are feeling about their relationship at the moment. So, what does your hand- holding style say about your relationship?

Palm Facing DownIf your palm is facing down, you are taking the lead in the relationship right now. In this case, your wrist crosses in front of your partner’s. If you are feeling more dominant in the moment, you are likely to choose this hand-holding style.

The next time you plan date night, notice the way you’re holding hands. Body language experts agree that your palm is most likely to be facing down because you feel in control and confident.

If you notice that your palm is consistently facing down, it may be a sign that you naturally take a dominant role in relationships.

Fingers Intertwined
If your fingers are intertwined, you are feeling emotionally and physically connected as a couple. In this case, your fingers should be interlocked. If you are feeling completely in sync, you are likely to choose this hand-holding style.

Body language experts claim that this hand-holding style is more common at the end of a date than at the beginning. After a romantic evening or gesture, it is quite likely that your fingers will be intertwined to demonstrate your closer connection.

If you notice that your fingers are consistently intertwined, it may be a sign that this relationship is going to go the distance.

Loosely ConnectedIf your fingers are loosely connected, you are feeling emotionally distant as a couple. In this case, you are connected by only a few fingers and your bodies are separated by a sizable gap. If you are feeling trapped by the relationship or more independent, you are likely to go with this hand-holding style.

This hand-holding style is most common shortly after or before a fight. You are feeling more casual about the relationship and need some space.

If you notice that your fingers are consistently loosely connected, it may be a sign that a fight or breakup is coming your way.

Now that you know what your hand-holding style says about your unconscious, does it seem to fit what is going on in your relationship?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Great Gatsby Collection

The Great Gatsby, due out early next month, has the whole world excited: amazing actors, Baz Luhrmann, and one breathtaking set of costumes. Along with the clothes are stunning jewels, by none other than Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby collection—which appears both in the film and is inspired by it, will make any girl feel like hitting up a 1920's ball.
{Bracelet of diamonds, seed pearls and platinum inspired by Chinoiserie.}

{Ring of pavé diamonds and a center diamond of 5.25 carats, in platinum.}

{Hand ornament with a daisy motif in diamonds, cultured pearls and platinum}

{Earrings of emerald-cut aquamarines, diamonds and platinum.}

{Art Deco-inspired ring by Tiffany, made of sapphires, diamonds and platinum.}

{Tiffany bangle with a fan motif of diamonds on black lacquer. }

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beauty Nostalgia

Good Morning Lovely. My last post we traveled back in fashion time and saw how many of the styles that were so popular in the 80's and 90's are coming back in to style. Some of those items I am rather excited about, while others, I can definitely leave in yesteryear.

Today, we are going to take another trip back in time, but this time look at accessories and makeup that every girl seemed to own and wouldn't leave the house without. Although I don't see these coming back anytime soon, it was a fun a trip down memory lane.

{Banana clips}

{Bauble hair elastics}

{Mood lipstick}

{Roll-on body glitter}
{Butterfly hair clips}
{Slap bracelets}

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wardrobe Deja Vu

Hello Beautiful!

Is your wardrobe having deja vu? With fashion's ever-revolving door, trends we thought were dead and buried in the back of our closets have come back. Here are some fads I know I never thought I'd wear again — and how to revive them if you so choose.

The Crop Top

Call Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor — the crop top is taking over the catwalks faster than you can yell "Donna Martin graduates!" But this isn't your Tiffany Theissen brand of belly baring: At Balenciaga and Miu Miu, skin was exposed in a tight strip that only showed the rib cage—no baby tees or belly jewels allowed.

The Plaid Flannel

If your parents never let you dress like Courtney Love in high school, there's still time thanks to Hedi Slimane. The new creative director of Saint Laurent Paris showed a provocative Fall 2013 collection where shredded black nylons, oversize cardigans, and iconic plaid flannels were de rigeur. (Besides being the apparent muse, Love is now the face of the collection's campaigns.) Grab your Manic Panic and get to work building "My So Called Wardrobe."

The White Eyeliner
Say "Ciao, Manhattan!" and hello to white eyeliner: This Edie Sedgwick staple came back into the spotlight at Marc Jacobs' and Moschino's Spring 2013 collections. Makeup artist Francois Nars created the look on model muse Ruby Jean Wilson, but the favorite for pigment and long-lasting wear is Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner in Snow. Do a basic cat-eye with black liquid liner first, then add a strong line of white just above it, add heaps of mascara (clumps okay if you're going for Edie's madcap glam look) and you're a Factory Girl!

The Perm

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, but they can blow-out her hair… right? Apparently not, according to a slew of reports that perms are back. But this isn't Jennifer Grey's curly bob—it's a new process with more gentle chemicals designed to emulate the perfect Boho waves of Blake Lively and Rachel Zoe without the heat-damage of a curling iron. And if your stylist goes too far with the look, you can always call Teen Witch and beg her to fix it.

The White Heel
We all remember Carrie Bradshaw's white heels in Paris—and how they turned from a fashion "do" into fashion "doo-doo" thanks to an unlucky walk near some dogs. But that hasn't stopped Prada and Jil Sander from sending white shoes down the runway, and making "watch your step" a literal edict for street style stars in Milan and London.

Prada Patent Leather Platform Sandals, $850; neimanmarcus.com

The Bootcut Jean
When Regina George ruled the school in 2004, the choice denim of her minions was a classic five-pocket bootcut. But thanks to The Strokes and the women who loved them, skinny jeans soon conquered the scene and the fashion world hasn't really looked back—until now. Hudson, Paige and even Burberry have bootcut jeans in their current collections, and they look great with almost everything. (Just remember Regina's golden rule: On Wednesdays, we wear pink.)

The Trucker Hat
Laguna Beach stopped airing new episodes in 2006, but its legacy is apparently alive and well, even if you don't read Lauren Conrad's adorable lifestyle blog. The proof? A sudden resurrection of the trucker hat, once worn with glee by Californicators, Brooklyn Hipsters, and Lindsay Lohan—way back when she was famous for being an actress. Somehow, the trucker hat appeared on last year's Marc by Marc Jacobs runway and now Roxy and ASOS have taken up the torch. Wear it while blasting your Phantom Planet CD at full volume…

Sick Girl Multi Colored Ombre Snapback Cap, $58.19; asos.com

Colored Mascara
Attention, rave babies: Colored mascara is back, but it's a bit more sophisticated than you remember. This time around, the chosen hues are plums and violets (not neon green—sorry!) and they're meant to bring out the natural flecks of green and gold that are already in your eyes. Try BeneFit Bad Gal Mascara in Plum (best for brown and green eyes) and Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Plum (best for blue and gray eyes).

Benefit BadGal Plum Mascara, $19; benefitcosmetics.com
Clarins Instant Definition Mascara, $24; clarinsusa.com

The Logo Sweatshirt
Back in the '80s, Benetton and Esprit sweatshirts were the playground equivalent of a Birkin bag. Now the label-emblazoned sweatshirt is back in the style spotlight thanks to street fashion icons like Susie Bubble, who wear their giant Kenzo knit tops with such frequency, they've even got their own Tumblr tag.