Friday, August 17, 2012

Autumn Hues

Good Morning Lovely. My favorite season has always been autumn. The crispness in the air, the changing of the leaves (Oh how I miss that from living up north - the palm trees in FL don't seem to cooperate!), the festive treats like hot apple cider and the FASHION with its warmer colors and cozy appeal just make my heart swoon.

With autumn truly right around the corner I can't help but get caught up in searching for my fashion and accessory wish list items! These amazing pieces below are from one of my favorite online stores, Ruche.

Are you just as excited as I am for autumn? What are you most looking forward to in the coming season?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Girl Crush: Anne Hathaway

Women are commonly considered the most attractive when pretty, soft and have a sweet disposition. But there are some women whose sex appeal gets turned up when they take a walk on the dark side and  know how to kick a few asses.

Anne Hathaway’s performance as Catwoman was much better than I had originally expected. She is sultry, mischievous and . . .very flexible. Her creative uses for her metal high heels (Which I'd love a pair of!!!) is enough to get anyone’s blood boiling. I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t like their wrist being held to the wall by her tight-leather covered leg. There is nothing more impressive than seeing Hathaway in a maid’s costume sneak out of Bruce Wayne’s house by back-flipping out of the window. Not only is the audience attracted to the slender feline-looking Hathaway, they envy her. Who wouldn’t want to be able to slide in and out of rich homes stealing a few jewels and disappear into the night? Well, not me, I don't want to steal anything, but you get my point.

She is not just something sexy to look at. When confronted by a gang of rival criminals she is able to fight them off. She tricks her enemies and policemen alike with both physical aggression and mind tricks. Her duplicity was a nice surprise as I had trouble seeing the quirky Mia Thermopolis as the bodysuit-toting criminal. But Hathaway pulled it off remarkably making Catwoman intriguing, sexy and worthy of my girl crushes list!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jamaica Me Crazy

Have you ever went shopping and found yourself scanning the same pieces of merchandise that you have seen time and time again, only to take a second glance and notice something new?

That was the case when I stumbled upon Essie’s “Jamaica Me Crazy” nail polish. I am a sucker for purple hues, and this lovely bottle of polish is jammed packed with purple/magenta goodness.

What I love about “Jamaica Me Crazy” is that it also features shimmering glitter accents and is rich & true to color.

“Jamaica Me Crazy” is my new go-to summer color. What colors have you been sporting on your nails this season?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Suits You?

With the weather nice and steamy this summer, we are all dreaming about those happy days when we can stay off work and spend a few hours lying on the beach or by the pool and thinking about nothing. But before that happens we should think about what to fill our wardrobes with to make the vacation season totally unforgettable. Here are some of my favorite swimwear trends everyone is sticking to this summer:

Swimwear Trend #1: Prints
All kinds of prints will look amazing on swimsuits. But florals, wild and tribal prints as well as geometrical ones are hotter than ever. Python, leopard, stripes, zigzags and kaleidoscopic prints can be great options.

Swimwear Trend #2: Sequins
If you love sparkling clothes you might as much get attracted to shining swimwear pieces which are a hit on the beach this season. Sequins is everywhere, in all colors, complemented with beading, crystals and embroidery.

Swimwear Trend #3: Monotone
Monotone bikinis will always be among favorites with women. During the Summer 2012 season pastel tones, orange and white hues are dominating. Look for pieces with interesting details to avoid looking boring on the beach.

Swimwear Trend #4: Retro
Retro is again in fashion (WHICH I LOVE!!!). While men don’t really find high-wasted bottoms and full-coverage tops very appealing you can wear a retro-inspired bikini or a one-piece suit and feel comfortable in any situation.

Swimwear Trend #5: Ruffles
Ruffles have been everywhere on the runway which explains why there are so many of them in swimsuit fashion. They aren’t bad and look sweet. But stay away from them if you want to look slimmer, especially in the hip area.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Best Things in Life . . .Aren't Things

In a world where people seem to think the more things, the more stuff, the more money they possess; the more likely it will be that they will find happiness and contentment - I'm here to say, those people need to WAKE UP and realize what is most important in this life.

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you, my sweet readers, and say that those things don't bring me joy; I love going shopping and filling my wardrobe with wonderfully fashionable new items or my house with beautiful new accents. HOWEVER, I do make a conscious effort to not put so much focus on the material things in my life, and rather set my attention on the many blessings that fill my world each and every day.

I mentioned yesterday that I recently went to Pennsylvania to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. . . NINETIETH! When I stop to think about all my grandmother has lived through, experienced and seen - the first traffic signals, the Great Depression, World War II, FDR's fireside chats, the Civil Rights movement, the advent of television, the first man on the moon, Elvis, The Beatles, the Kennedy assassination, the microwave, mobile phones, the Internet - she would be the first to tell you that the most important things in life, were in fact not THINGS, but rather, family, friends and the experiences she lived through.

Do you ever stop to think of what makes certain events in your life special? OK fine, you got a new car for your 16th birthday. Yes, I'll agree that is pretty memorable. But aside from that, isn't it safe to say that what makes moments in your life so unforgettable are the PEOPLE you share them with?

We sadly live in a world that is consumed with the ME, MYSELF and I mentality. What is going to benefit ME? What is going to land ME a better job? What is going to help ME live in the house I want or drive the car I so desire? 

Don't misunderstand my sentiments. Yes, you go out and GET YOURS! Be the best YOU that you can be! BUT, while you are working on attaining your goals and dreams, don't forget to make it a point to help those around you. Lend a listening ear to a friend. Volunteer your time to help a stranger in need. Give one more hug to your loved ones and never miss the opportunity to tell them how much you love them!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Good Morning Gorgeous. It is so good to see you again!!! I bet you have wondered where I have been this last week and a half? I promise I was not abandoning you.

My grandmother turned 90 last week and of course I was not going to miss partaking in this celebration for anything in the world. So in my absence you would have found me been back in my hometown of Ellwood City, PA.

It was a wonderful trip! I hadn't been home for three years and I'll tell you, it really did my heart some good to be around my family, to visit old haunts that hold special meaning and memories for me and to simply decompress from everyday life.

I hope you are all doing well, enjoying your summer and will share with me what you have been doing while I've been away.

Until tomorrow, here is a little picture preview of some of the highlights of my trip for you :)

{We decided to take the train to PA instead of flying. . .I've never been on a train before. We did it up right and had our own first class sleeper car.}
{On the way from FL to PA we had an 8hr layover in DC where we had the opportunity to visit with my cousin. Hubby and I were excited to see some of the historic sights of the city . . .the Washington Monument.}
{The Capitol in the distance.}
{Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz in the Smithsonian.}
{My amazing cousin and I in front of the White House. . .sunglasses were mistakenly left at home, so not the best picture of me as I squint to keep my eyes open for the picture.}

{Closer view of the White House.}

{Hubby on the steps of the First Division Memorial.}

{Here is what the top of it looks like.}

{My beautiful grandmother and I before leaving for her big 90th bday party. I hope I look as good as she does at 90!}
{Gram with her grandchildren and great grandchildren at her party.}
{Love spending time with my favorite aunt. Later in the week she and I had a fabulous girls lunch just the two of  us.}
{Spending time at Moraine State Park. I may live in the city, but I am still a country girl at heart! It was so peaceful looking at such beautiful scenery!}