Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get Organized (and Spend Less)

I know it's happened to me all too many times. I go shopping for a cute new outfit only to purchase something in the same colors or styles I already have burried in my closet.

So rather than heading out for another shopping trip, only to return with something you can't use or already own, consider these closet organization tips from style consultants Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, also coathors of Life in Color.

These helpful hints are bound to help you make the most of what you already have and figure out what it is you really need.

- Hang, don't shelve, as much clothing as you can. Most of us forget what we have if we can't see it.

- Separate the pieces of your suites so you're inspired to wear a skirt or jacket or pants solo.

- Divide articles by style - tanks, then sleeveless, then short-sleeve, coats by length and so on.

- Arrange items  (top, dresses, etc) from light to dark. Ditch unflattering hues.


  1. Great tips! I follow most of these already, but do shelf a lot of items (need a bigger closet)! I have definitely come home with something that looks a little too much like stuff I already own.

  2. If I didn't share a closet with a Marine I would totally love to organize my closet. But with all his gear and uniforms, I HAVE NO ROOM! Lol.

    Great tips :)

  3. Girls I share your pain. I share a closet with my hubby who loves clothes as much as I do. . .we have 3 closets in our home with clothes and I still feel like I need more room!

  4. These are great tips, Jamie!!!

    Kristin Marie

  5. I have found that keeping all the same colors together make selecting an outfit much easier.I keep all the same colors together. Decorator from PA