Monday, September 19, 2011

It Suits Him Well!

I definitely prefer a more casually clad guy. The type of man that looks great in a pair of well fit jeans. . .scrumptious! However, I will say that a man dressed up in a tuxedo is extremely sexy! It’s the ultimate celebration of a man’s style and such a classic way to make a statement in a sleek, form-fitted suit. Below are some of my favorite movie moments when the actor nearly stole the show from his leading lady while wearing a tux.

{“Meet Joe Black” – Brad Pitt made the notion of death sound inviting.}
{"Titanic" - Leonardo DiCaprio can take my hand any day.}

{"Water for Elephants" - Robert Pattinson looks absolutely dreamy as he leans in for a kiss.}
{"Circle of Friends" - Chris O'Donnell could make any girl melt in his arms.}
My favorite tux moment doesn't come from a movie, it is my hubby looking so handsome on our wedding day!

What is your favorite tuxedo movie moment?

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  1. I have seen Mr. A in a suit only a couple of times -- for interviews and when he bought the suit. I love it when men are dressed up! I mean, I love casual looks, too, but the dress-up occasions are so rare that you have to love it.
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