Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Flashback

{An amazing dinner at the Columbia restaurant in Ybor City.}
Good Morning Lovebugs! Happy Friday! This week has been quite the interesting one. It started out kinda rocky. Tropical storm Debby hit Florida over the past weekend and stuck with us into the beginning of the week. I actually ended up getting a three day weekend out of it (I felt like I was back in school getting a day off for the weather.). After Mother Nature calmed down the rest of the week didn't. There was much to get done and with a shortened work week (although welcomed time off) everything seemed rushed. One of the best highlights was enjoying a lovely dinner at the Columbia Restaurant, Florida's oldest restaurant opening in 1905, and the largest Spanish restaurant in the world! You can read more about it here. Hope You had a great week. Enjoy your weekend!!!

{My meal - ropa vieja . . .DELICIOUS!!!}
{We sat in the Café dining room, the original 60-seat café that opened as the Columbia Restaurant in 1905. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio frequented the Columbia in the early 1950’s. . .and sat in this room - if these walls could talk!}

{I've seen the movie Clue countless times and during my day spent at home due to the weather I added one more viewing. I cannot help but break out into uncontrollable laughter when Madeline Kahn, who played Mrs. White, rants about hating the maid SO MUCH that it felt like flames on the side of her face and that is why she killed her.}


  1. Dinner looks like it was good! What a neat restaurant!

  2. It's lunch time and the food just make me feel more hungry, that's guilty!