Monday, August 6, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Good Morning Gorgeous. It is so good to see you again!!! I bet you have wondered where I have been this last week and a half? I promise I was not abandoning you.

My grandmother turned 90 last week and of course I was not going to miss partaking in this celebration for anything in the world. So in my absence you would have found me been back in my hometown of Ellwood City, PA.

It was a wonderful trip! I hadn't been home for three years and I'll tell you, it really did my heart some good to be around my family, to visit old haunts that hold special meaning and memories for me and to simply decompress from everyday life.

I hope you are all doing well, enjoying your summer and will share with me what you have been doing while I've been away.

Until tomorrow, here is a little picture preview of some of the highlights of my trip for you :)

{We decided to take the train to PA instead of flying. . .I've never been on a train before. We did it up right and had our own first class sleeper car.}
{On the way from FL to PA we had an 8hr layover in DC where we had the opportunity to visit with my cousin. Hubby and I were excited to see some of the historic sights of the city . . .the Washington Monument.}
{The Capitol in the distance.}
{Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz in the Smithsonian.}
{My amazing cousin and I in front of the White House. . .sunglasses were mistakenly left at home, so not the best picture of me as I squint to keep my eyes open for the picture.}

{Closer view of the White House.}

{Hubby on the steps of the First Division Memorial.}

{Here is what the top of it looks like.}

{My beautiful grandmother and I before leaving for her big 90th bday party. I hope I look as good as she does at 90!}
{Gram with her grandchildren and great grandchildren at her party.}
{Love spending time with my favorite aunt. Later in the week she and I had a fabulous girls lunch just the two of  us.}
{Spending time at Moraine State Park. I may live in the city, but I am still a country girl at heart! It was so peaceful looking at such beautiful scenery!}


  1. So glad you are back and that you had a nice time! Love all the photos!

  2. the pictures looks wonderful. I'm so glad you had a blast.

    Say hi to John for me. Love and miss you both

  3. I love those pics and I really have long time never go trip, too busy to do that!