Wednesday, November 21, 2012

She's My Cherry Pie

Good Morning Gorgeous! Thanksgiving is tomorrow. A day full of family, friends and more food than one person should consume in a day - are you as excited as I am? I recently found this adorably delicious nail art idea that is sure to be the perfect diversion for when your grandmother starts asking if there are any special men in your life.


This drool-worthy design is just as scrumptious as its namesake, but without all the calories. You'll need a rich red shade for the "filling," a warm beige for the "crust," and a thin brush for the design work.

Begin by painting your whole nail with your red filling color, then wait for it to dry. Starting in the center, use a thin brush dipped in the beige polish to paint three diagonal lines across your nail. 

Now take your brush and create three more diagonal lines going in the opposite direction. This will create the lattice crust effect.

Careful! These delicious looking digits might have you going back to the dessert table for second (or third!) helpings.