Monday, March 25, 2013

Maison Moschino: My Fashionable Fantasy Getaway

Hello Lovely. Do you love fashion? Silly question right? If you found your way to I Look Good Today, of course you do!

Being an Italian girl, I have always dreamed of visiting Italy and taking in all the rich culture, architecture and fashion that is such a large part of my heritage (I'm 3/4 Italian you know.)

Hopefully I will find my way to Italy one day, and when I do, I am DEFINITELY spending some fashionable nights (and days) in the surreal Fashion Maison Moschino Design Hotel, in the heart of Milan, the Italian capital of fashion.

Hotel Maison Moschino is the masterpiece of the Moschino design team, together with the amazing creative director of the brand, Rossella Jardini, known for her humorous and ironic touch in all her ready-to-wear collections.

You can choose to sleep in rooms that have ballgown beds, giant cupcakes as pillows and a cookies chandelier, beds of roses or walls climbing with ivy, and fairytale themes. The haute-couture allure and the stylish avant-garde d├ęcor will sweep any fashionista off her feet!

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  1. lovely post, i wish i can customize my bed just like that if my hubby will allow me, tsk tsk.
    Stay in touch.

    kisses from DUbai,