Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Wish They All Could Be California Curls

What It Is: Julep bottled the beach! This paraben-free spray uses sea salt water infused with a combination of marine botanicals that provide intense moisture and essential nourishment. The two-punch combo protects hair from sun damage while creating ocean-kissed, tousled waves.

What It Does: Adds texture, boosts volume, and creates gorgeous, ocean-kissed waves allowing for weightless volume and a carefree look, with little work. Great for fine hair to add volume and texture and curly or wavy hair to add piecy texture.

How To Use: Spray on damp or dry hair, finger dry or let air dry. For maximum body, diffuse with heat. Works on wet hair to create volume, on dry hair for piecy texture.
  Features & Benefits:
  • Creates soft, natural looking texture without getting crunchy or greasy.
  • Natural sea salt adds texture and volume with a slight matte finish.
  • Marine botanicals provide moisture and protect hair from sun damage.
I have natuarlly really wavey hair, but you would never know that because I get my hair Japanese straightened once a year for a sleek look.

I do love that loose curl look. I was always so envious of girls who had it. . .aren't we always wanting what we don't have with our hair?

When my July Julep box came and this was included I was THRILLED! I couldn't wait to try it! This smells amazing and gave my straight locks a beachy, sea salt kissed bounce. 

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