Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God Bless These Little Legs

Hello Friend! You know how you meet a person and you just think to yourself. . .Wow! Now that is an incredible individual. They are just the whole package. They're nice, they're sincere, they're caring, they're smart, they're ambitious. . .and it keeps going from there. Well that is my friend Tyler.

Tyler and I met seven years ago. I had just started my PR role that I am still in today and he was a volunteer at the hospital. Come to find out we both were patients at this hospital (at the same time no less), so we very well may have known each other in our early adolescent years.

What you have to understand is Tyler was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy, and like me, Tyler has never let anyone stand in his way of reaching his goals. The road to his success to becoming an MD has been nothing short of bumpy, but with each step came a new blessing.

Tyler has always been one of those people that inspires you, just by being in his presence. He is a man of faith and walks this journey with the mindset that, "When man says no, God says yes." (One of my favorite Tyler quotes!)

This year Tyler and his mother Lisa partnered together with contributing editor Kelly White to share the trials, tribulations and triumphs of Tyler's life and what it was like to raise a child with special needs.

Cerebral Palsy. A difficult diagnosis for his parents to hear, but an even more difficult diagnosis to live. Tyler and his mother, Lisa, have used their diaries, of the last 20 years, to walk the reader through the process of what it means to face the day to day difficulties in life and move forward. Experience the answers to prayer and the blessings received as Tyler and his whole family worked through the process of turning the “Society” labeled disability into an example of how Gods promises are true in everyone’s life. “God Bless these little legs” is a true story that shows us an example of how to persevere through the difficult times in anticipation of the celebration of Gods grace and mercy, however it is demonstrated. Regardless of your circumstances.

If you are looking for a new book to add to your reading list, “God Bless These Little Legs” is one that will leave you humbled and inspired of just how far you can go with determination, love and faith to guide you. You don't have to have a physical disability to know what it is like to face obstacles in your life. I guarantee you that this book will leave you energized to take on whatever you are facing with a new and optimistic outlook. Hey, who can't use a little encouragement in their lives?

To order your copy visit http://www.tylersexton.com/, Amazon, itunes and all other e book platforms.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous family and a great read. I might check that out.
    Sometimes if I feel like I have an "issue" I just look at the sky and remember how fantastic it is just to be able to SEE it. And I feel humbled. This book seems like it might give me that feeling!

  2. It is a definite must read, and I'm not just saying that since I personally know Tyler and his mom. This book will leave you with a feeling that anything is possible, and yes, it will give you a humbling feeling. I think it is such a wonderful testimony of how you, your faith and whatever your support system is can pull you through.

  3. Sounds very inspirational. We could all use some of that.

  4. Sorry I haven't been reading your blogs that much...I love reading this...Very inspirational.