Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Traditions

With Christmas just three days away I have become nostalgic in regards to holiday traditions. These little details add that something special to the holidays and it is so fun recreating and creating new traditions each and every year. My hubby will be joining me tomorrow to kick off the festivities and I am simply giddy thinking about what is in store!

- Getting dressed up for Christmas Eve and having my dad's homemade spaghetti (He actually makes the noodles, sauce and meatballs).

- Going Christmas light looking with my hubby on Christmas Eve evening.

- Watching A Christmas Story on TV (But never seeming to catch the whole thing.).

- Tracking Santa's trip around the world on Norad Tracks Santa.

- Leaving milk, cookies and a few carrots out on the mantle for Santa and his reindeer. . .and waking up the next morning to only find crumbs left behind.

- Opening gifts in our PJs that were left under the tree and in our stalkings while having Christmas music playing in the background.

- Getting dressed up again for Christmas dinner and enjoying the evening with friends and family.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. You should post your sure-to-be-amazing outfits for Eve + the Day of!
    We totally track Santa on NORAD, too!!!
    We also have our Rastafarian celebration starting at sunset on the 6th of Jan and all day on the 7th!

  2. I am also getting giddy for Christmas. Can't wait to leave milk and cookies for Santa.