Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I love birthdays. More specifically, I love my birthday.

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. To say I was overwhelmed by the number of happy birthday texts, phone calls, Facebook and Twitter messages would have been an understatement. I am EXTREMELY grateful and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who made me feel so very loved.

As much as I do like to reflect on on the past (I think it is important to realize and appreciate how far you have come.), my birthday is a time to celebrate!
When I turned 21 I was proud of the life I was creating (I had graduated from college and working my first "real" job). At 28 I felt like I was really stepping in to my "adult shoes" (That's when I got married). At 32, it was easy to feel accomplished (I was a homeowner, had great job, a great hubby, was cast in a movie - life was good).

Now at 34 I have to tell you, I feel more comfortable in me as I ever have (Good Lord, is this what it feels like to grow up?). When I say that I more comfortable in me, don't get me wrong, I have enough self confidence for a room full of people. However there is this peace about me. I KNOW who I am.

I have been through a lot in my 34 years. I don't say that to get any accolades - I say that only to say that because of those things, I am proud of my life and look forward to what is to come in the future.


  1. Oh my gosh, happy birthday! Sorry I missed it.

  2. Happy Birthday, twin sister!!! Blogger didn't publish my post I had scheduled; poo! I love your outfit!

    1. Happy Birthday sweetie pie! I hope you enjoyed your special day too!

  3. happy belated!! hope you have been doing well.