Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just Breathe

I pride myself on being a very positive, upbeat person. I have always seen the good side in people, in situations and challenges I've faced. I'm the person that sees the world with unwavering optimism; that with the right attitude you can accomplish and get through anything (My hubby calls it my "Little Jamie World"). It might sound hokey, but don't knock it; I like it there.

I have and always will be the friend that everyone goes to for support, advice and to be uplifted. When it comes to my own challenges, I have this habit of just "dealing" with things on my own, and thankfully always seem to come out on top and unscathed. However, lately my world has been a little chaotic and I've been the one needing the support, advice and uplifting from friends as things just seemed a bit much for me to handle alone.

I've had my share of tears lately. Questions regarding different aspects of my life. This past weekend I spent much of my time on the phone with the most amazing friends talking through things and getting the support I so desperately needed. I tell you, without them, I would have been lost!

Do you know what literally every single person said to me (Among other fabulous words of wisdom.)?

"Breathe Jamie. Just breathe."

I needed to step back. I needed to sit in the quiet of my own thoughts and just wrap myself around everything going on in this head of mine.

Do I have all the answers that I need? No. But I do have a sense of peace that things will be OK . . .one way or another.

So my advice to you is this. When the world seems to come crashing down on you, find that friend that you can confide in, let them help carry your burden, because you are not alone.

And remember . . . just breathe!

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  1. That's right: I love you and "Breathe!"

    Try to meditate if you can and just call me or text me if you need to talk!

    1. Thanks Hillary! You're an amazing friend!!! So glad my little blog brought you into my life!

  2. Awesome post darling,keep them coming.Your such an inspiration.


  3. Needed that today, thank you! Very inspiring. Each day gets better with new strength.

  4. I have had many days like you described. Most times, those sad feelings pass. Sometimes, it's hormonal. Many times it's the combined stresses of life. Everyone goes through periods like this. It's all temporary. Yoga & Tai Chi breathing & meditation helps. I find that talking & crying it out releases those stress hormones.Usually, another female is the best listener. Those best friends are always there to lend a caring ear. Remember...it will pass & beautiful days are ahead. Love you...Your Loving Aunt