Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Behind These Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are considered to be one of the most expressive and one of the most unique. The reason is that hazel eyes can change the color according to the person’s mood - slightly jealous of that! When the person gets angry, the hazel eye color tends to get more greenish, when in a frisky mood, it turns to gray or blue! Not only the mood, but even the color of the clothes influences the hazel eye color. So it’s getting more important to choose the most proper shades for your makeup!

Navy Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes
If the voguish party makeup look is what you need, go for the navy hues to accentuate your fabulous look. Choose from the versatile navy color palette and it would be better to go for the darker shades as these would guarantee you a more deep eyes impression.

Nude Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes
The nude eye makeup is undoubtedly one of the permanent leading trends. Use for inspiration the style of Kim Kardashian who preferred nude makeup to her trendy smokey eyes.

Golden Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes
Copper, silver or golden eye shadow suits every eye color. Hazel eyes belong to the warm group of colors that’s why it will look absolutely fabulous especially with gold.

Some additional tips for Hazel Eyes:

1. Go natural with your makeup. Choose an eye shadow color in the same color family as your eye color. For hazel eyes, this means shades of brown, apricot, tan, khaki and dark green shades. These will bring out the natural color of your eyes and give you a subtle look for daytime makeup.

2. Choose glamorous colors for a night out on the town. Spice up your hazel eyes with eye shadow in shades of bright green, lime green and even gold. Combine these colors for a stunning effect that will make you stand out in a crowd.

3. Walk on the wild side with your makeup. Violet, plum and purple shades of eye shadow will bring contrast to your eyes, drawing out the vivid green shades in your hazel eyes. Bright purple eye shadow is a modern, bold look; using it will draw attention but will also give your makeup a strong visual impact.

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