Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh MiO My!

I have never been a water drinker. Growing up, as much as my parents tried to get me to drink it, water was just never my thing. I heard time and again how "there is nothing not to like about water" - I just didn't.

I've tried time and again to live the H2O lifestyle. To choose water with lemon at dinner instead of a Coke.

I can't tell you why I am not a fan - I just am not. As an adult, I know the importance of drinking water and have wanted to do better at drinking at least a bottle a day (Baby steps people, baby steps).

Recently a girlfriend told me about MiO Water Enhancer. I was skeptical that it would leave a weird aftertaste, but she promised me there were none.

She suggested I try her favorite, Berry Pomegranate. She had a bottle actually with her in her purse. She said she brings it with her everywhere so it is always handy and offered me to try it.

Not expecting to like it AT ALL I pulled a bottle of water out from the fridge and squirted the magenta liquid into my water. I took one sip, then another, then another. I couldn't believe it - I LOVED the taste. 

So what you say? For me this is huge! Now I actually look forward to drinking water, and with no added calories or sugars, it is a perfect solution for me.

It is a little pricey at $4 a bottle, however, if you are like me, a little goes a long way! If you prefer a subtle flavor, only use a couple of drops. If you prefer your drinks tasting like the melted remains of a popsicle, keeping adding. The idea that you can control the level of flavor I find particularly innovative over pre-measured to-go packets. Being a "liquid water enhancer", you also don't have to worry about dissolving issues or powder residue in your glass/bottle which for me personally is a BIG deal. The travel-friendly size is perfect for the car, your purse of even a back-pocket, making it even more desirable. 

So, the next time you are in the drink mix aisle battling between Crystal Light and MiO, go with MiO every time! I can't get enough of this product!!!

Are you a challenged water drinker like me? Does MiO Water Enhancer sound like something you would try?

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