Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Flashback

{Feeling particularly I Look Good Today. . .today.}

Hello Lovely.

My heart is heavy today. My mind is numb. This past Sunday I found out my best friend from high school was admitted into the hospital. Her left arm and face went numb and turns out there were blood clots on her brain. Since being in the hospital, she has had a second procedure to remove an additional clot from her brain and now doctors have found clots IN her brain.

I was at the hospital with her last night. I haven't seen this friend in 12 years, although we do keep in touch online. It broke my heart to see her laying there, and made me sit back and think how blessed I truly am and how we should never not take the opportunity to tell someone we love them or simply be the best version of us that we can be.

I'm sorry this isn't the most chipper Friday Flashback that you have ever read, but we are real here at I Look Good Today, and this has sadly been my week.

I'd like to ask for your well wishes, thoughts, prayers and good vibes from my wonderful I Look Good Today friends. I'm certainly praying for a miracle!

{A caramel scented candle that has my home smelling simply scrumptious!}

{Pre Bday haircut. Love having all my layers back!}

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