Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Turn the Page

Don’t let anyone tell you that change and moving on to your next chapter is anything but challenging. Sometimes difficult. At a minimum emotional. Do not let anyone tell you that packing up your life as you have known it for many, many years is easy - whether it is an actual physical move or making a life change right where you are.

I have been through a lot in the past year and it has truly made me reflect on what I want in life. What and who are truly important to me - not just who and what I thought were. Isn't it amazing how you can go through periods of your life thinking you couldn't live if that person or that thing didn't exist to you? Then later on you look back and realize that the same person or thing was in fact what was clouding your vision from seeing your intended path.

Believe me, I know that going along with the statuesque is often times easier than turning that page in your book of life to begin the next chapter. Even if you are not happy, you "know" how to deal with what is on your plate because it is already there. Sometimes that unknown is scarier than what you are already going through, even if it isn't the most pleasant thing.

Here is what we need to remember - myself include. Plain and simple. . .if nothing changes. . .nothing changes. We each have to face our fears, our struggles, wants, desires, aspirations head on.

We can't always wait for "the right time", because we as humans, will always figure out a way to convince ourselves that "this" isn't the right time for "that"  - when really this IS the perfect time to at least start heading towards what you want.

We need to remember that we deserve greatness. We deserve to be happy. We deserve the opportunity to embrace all that this life has to offer and that greatness is within each of us.

I know what it feels like to feel depleted. To feel like you are at the end of your rope with no way to climb back up, but I can assure you - YOU CAN!

Taking things day by day. Baby step by baby step. The clouds do begin to part and the sun does shine through again.

There have been many challenges in my life, both physical and emotional and when I stop to look back at things now, I smile because at certain moments, I was at the end of my metaphorical rope. I was ready to jump off of that metaphorical bridge because I couldn't see my own resolve, but here I am. Stronger and better than ever.

It is a very emotional process. However, we must not forget to simply BREATHE and not be afraid to turn that page to our next chapter so we can encounter all the greatness that is yet to come.


  1. This blog applies to all of us. It is so well said. I don't want to be at the end of my life saying, "If only I did...said...etc., my life would have been better."

    1. I'm with you! No regrets! Go after what you want. Make whatever it is happen!