Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It is no surprise to you now (If you follow my blog.) that I am on a two week vacation from work. What you don't know is about half of that time is away from my hubby. I left our home Saturday morning to travel two hours south to visit with my parents. He has to work this week, so I am down here having some one-on-one time with my parents. Hubby will join me on Friday after he is finished with work.

As my vacation away approached my excitement level rose, for many reasons. The biggest reason was just needing a break from work. I hadn't had a true vacation all year long. I hate to admit it, but the next reason I was so excited was just time away by myself. Is that horrible? Am I a terrible wife?

The one thing you have to understand is that I get NO alone time (Or very minimal at best.). Because of my disability, my hubby has to help me get dressed, drives me to and from work (Or anywhere else I need to go.), we're home most of the time together, etc. Unless I'm at work, which is not really "alone time" or he happens to go out for a bit and I'm home alone, I'm always with someone and after a year of that, I long for some me time.

So, I arrived here Saturday and yes, my parents are of course around as well, but when they go to work, I have the day to myself to relax and enjoy. HEAVEN!

The first day I was happy to have that peace of just being away, but I found my mind drifting to thoughts of my wonderful hubby. I wondered what he's up to. I wondered if he's thinking and missing me too. . .

I talk to him multiple times throughout the day, and 99% of those times is him calling me, so I know that he is missing me, which of course makes me feel good.

It is amazing to me how quickly you can go from feeling like you just want to be away from everyone and how equally quickly you can revert to missing what you were trying to have that break from.

I can't tell you how excited I am for my hubby to join me this Friday. To see his smiling face, to get another sweet kiss, to feel such safety when he holds me in his arms. . .I am truly one lucky girl!


  1. I just talked to hubby again. He said, "I sure do call you a lot. I must miss you or something." LOL.

  2. It does help to spend some time away from one's partner. Gives you something to talk about when you get back together, right? :) And building anticipation is a great thing!

  3. I know your missing him, Jamie. He'll be home on Friday. I know he's missing you as much as you. Thank god for cell phones and text...


  4. Such a lovely post. I agree with you on the title. The hearts on your shirt goes perfectly with the post. Happy holidays!!!

    Heel in Mint

  5. I am a firm believer is absence making the heart grow fonder. It doesn't make someone a bad person, it makes them a real person! Nice post.

  6. Thanks for the reassurance! It was a very nice break, and I tell you, there seems to be an extra little spark in our marriage now that we are back together. Gotta love that!