Thursday, December 8, 2011

Under the Mistletoe

I was thinking as we decorated our house for the holidays that I have never been kissed under the mistletoe. Perhaps that's because we don't have one in our home (What do I expect then right?), but when I say I have never been kissed under the mistletoe, I don't just mean by my hubby; I mean I have never been kissed by anyone under the mistletoe. There just seems something so romantic about looking up to see you are standing right under this floral ball that entitles you to a kiss. In case the opportunity does arise, I will make sure to keep my lips kissably soft with the help of these lip care items. What about you friends? Have you been kissed under the mistletoe?

{Tinsel Town™ Lip Shine by Philosophy}

{Liplicious All I Want Lip Glass - Cranberry Kiss by Bath & Body Works} 

{Kiss Me Tonight intense lip therapy by philosophy}

{Lip Butters Vanilla Brulee Lip Butter by Crabtree & Evelyn}


  1. I have by Shawnie when he was my boyfriend! SO just the hubs. He suggested we put a sprig of our own up in the main entryway hanging from the light fixture to people coming in or leaving can smooch!

  2. Awwwe. That's so sweet. I love the idea of it hanging from the entry light fixture. I think I may need to do that since the holiday season is still young. I'll get my mistletoe smooch yet!

  3. I love sweet little traditions like this. Guys I've been with have never found it that cute. :)