Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Flashback

{Mom and I spent an afternoon going to see New Year's Eve. With such a wonderful cast of characters, this movie is definitely added to my holiday favorites list!}
Ahhh vacation how I've missed you. This week has been spent doing nothing but relaxing. I've had dinner out with some old friends, watched some movies, enjoyed time with family and most of all, just enjoyed some down time to do whatever I want. Later today my sweet hubby will join me for the holidays and I am absolute ecstatic to see him.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I do hope you have a blessed one!

{It isn't the holidays in an Italian home without making pizzelles!}

{Catching up on the season finale of Dexter. Another jaw dropping finale. Not sure how Dexter will get out of this one.}

{The beautifully decorated fireplace at my parent's house.}

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