Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Flashback

{I'm in the market for a new "convertible" and this week I took this little baby out for a test drive (minus the headrest). It was unbelievable! Not only does the seat elevate, like my current chair, but it tilts, reclines and has power elevating foot rests. I could seriously fall asleep in this thing. With at least a $28k price tag on it, I'm doing some comparing to make sure all of my mobility needs are met, but this might be the winner!}
I had the best news of my life this week. I didn't share with you all (I didn't want to worry you.) that right before Christmas I had an appointment with a dermatologist regarding a funny looking mole on the sole of my left foot. It has been there for the past five years and I promised my mother I would have it checked out. As soon as the doctor saw it she said it had to be biopsied and she went over what a cancerous mole looks like in a brochure and told me that I had three out of the five criteria for a cancerous mole. To say the least I have been a wreck (At least on the inside and in the privacy of my own home.), mainly because with the holiday's it took almost a month to get my results as the doctors office was closed and then my doctor was out of the country until Jan 6. Well I finally found out that the mole was benign!!! Thank you Jesus!

In other news, this has been a very intense week. I've been at work late every night planning our biggest event we have each year with nearly 1,000 people. . .this year there might actually be more. With the stresses of event planning at their max, I have made sure to take some time to focus on the things that are making me exceptionally happy this week. Oh, and my raise surely helped make all my hard work worth it!!!

I hope you have an exciting weekend!!!

{Hearing from my beautiful mother that her tennis team won the state championships in Daytona!!! Getting that call and hearing her so excited simply made my week!}
{I'm starting to read this book. I have heard such great things about it and had mentioned to my hubby, so he decided he was going to order it for me. He's such a sweetie!}

{What I kept reminding myself until I got my news that everything was OK with my foot. I loved the rusticness of this sign and the message was exactly what I needed, so I bought it from this Etsy shop.}

{My super sweet bloggy friend, Hillary who makes me smile each and every day! I just adore this girl! You can check out her fabulous blogs here, here and here.}


  1. OH! I did NOT expect to see MEEE in your list of amazing! LOL! Thank you!
    I'm SO happy your mole is not the scary kind! Phew! Congrats to you on your raise, too!
    I like your convertible you tested out; it looks really nice.
    That's so cool your mama won her table tennis match. I like her outfit there.
    Let us know if the book is awesome and have a great weekend! LOVES!

    1. *tennis match; why am i thinking ping pong?

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  3. Girl you are cracking me up! No it isn't table tennis, it is regular tennis on a court.

  4. You should certainly take some time to rest over the weekend. Sounds like an intense few weeks. Moles are scary.'

    1. I wish I could rest over the weekend, but I'll be working this big event.