Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Classic Comfort

{Green cable knit sweater from LL Bean, brown ribbed trousers from NY&Co, gold vintage watch necklace - gifted, gold hoop earrings - gifted, two toned watch from Fossil}

The weather here in sunny FL has gone from over 80 degrees for Christmas to 31 degrees this morning. Being from PA originally, I actually look forward to the bitter cold. I may have left the steel city when I was only seven years old, but I can't help but love that crisp nip in the air.

What I love most about this weather is I can pull out my heavier clothes that sit in the back of the closet most of the year that are just begging to be worn.

Today I opted for a classic comfort look . . .a cable knit sweater and trousers. I've always been a fan of this basic style of sweater and feel so relaxed and cozy from the minute I put it on.

What are some of your classic comfort pieces?


  1. As much as I love summer, I do love sweater weather too! You look great! LOVE the necklace!

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    Love. You look great in green! Sorry it's cold out; you can blame my sister-in-law. She just left Orlando to come back to Omaha and she must have taken the warmness with her! LOL!

    PS: I think that last pic with the "come-hither" is what sparked your porno comment up thar. SEXY EYES!

  4. Well Hillary, if your sister did take the cold with her, I applaud her. . .it was too darn hot for this girl! It's winter gosh darnit! And your "come hither" comment had me in hysterics! I almost had my Pepsi coming out of my nose LOL. What can I say though. . .when you got it, you got it *wink*.

  5. I love a big cosy jumper! Yours is such a gorgeous shade really looks good with your colouring. Got to say your hair is super glossy too! Beautiful.


  6. You're so sweet Sarah! Thanks for the compliment!

  7. I agree about the sweaters looking cuter these days. . .I do love those ugly sweater parties though.

  8. What a gorgeous necklace, and yes... all about sweater weather!

  9. Adorable Necklace!! I also am happy we share soda addictions! :)