Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Surf the Wave

Hello Gorgeous. I hope you all had a lovely long Memorial Day Weekend!

I woke up this morning simply on cloud 9 and ready to concur the day. I just simply have some things and people in my life right now that continually bring a smile to my face.

On the flip side, I am saddened. Two very dear friends had great losses in their families this weekend. One lost a great grandmother and one her father. Another friend was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because her left side went completely numb.

I have some friends going through very rough times at work and in their finances.

I also spoke with a friend that may have a new job singing on a cruise ship.

When I think back on the tidal wave of emotions that overtook me in a simple weekend. . .love, laughter, sadness, fear, hope, excitement. . .I couldn't help but to think of how it is SO IMPORTANT to choose a positive outlook on life, no matter your situation.

I know what you are saying. . .

"If you even knew what I was going through, you'd see why I don't have a smile on my face."

I know that life's circumstances can be overwhelming. Believe me, I understand more than you know! I have been through things in my life that I simply saw no light at the end of the tunnel. No hope. No happy ending.

With the help of a supportive family and friends, my faith and simply choosing to not give up, those negative feelings that were all consuming and sweeping me out to sea, became more of a soft wake than a rolling tidal wave.

How we deal with things in life is a choice. Yes, feelings and emotions are circumstantial, but we still have a choice.

My mother, a very wise woman, has given me much advice throughout my life. She is truly my sounding board. One of the things she has told me that has stuck in my head since I was a little girl is this. . .

We have very limited control over so many aspects of our life. Don't waste your emotions on those things you have no control over.

Yes, yes I know - easier said than done to not worry or dwell. However, I have lived my life trying to do just that. Now, I am not saying just throw caution to the wind. That isn't what my mother meant. What she meant was - we have to take control and put our time and emotions into things that we can make a difference in. Those "what if this" or "what if that" happens moments are not constructive and only lead to feelings that will inevitably take you to very dark places.

So today I choose to hold on to those feelings that make me feel good. Those people, those moments that put a smile on my face.

Today I choose to help carry those through their rough waters so they can come up for fresh air and see that there is hope.

We don't get to choose too many things in our life experienes, but we can choose our reactions to what comes our way.

Remember inner peace begins the moment we choose to not allow another person or event to control our emotions.

So friends, find that inner sunshine and put on your best summer smile!

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