Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Your Hand-holding Style Says About Your Relationship

Good Morning Gorgeous! As you probably know, there are subtle things that men and women do in relationships to demonstrate how they truly feel. Often, the most telling signs are those that are not immediately apparent. In fact, some of these signs are completely unconscious.

Body language experts around the world study how unconscious body motions and movements signify what men and women are feeling. What your significant other cannot say in words, he or she shows through body language. It’s amazing what kind of information you can pick up on if you’re paying attention.

Although there are literally thousands of different body language signals, one of the most commonly referred to is hand-holding styles, especially when it comes to relationships. How couples hold hands says a lot about how they are feeling about their relationship at the moment. So, what does your hand- holding style say about your relationship?

Palm Facing DownIf your palm is facing down, you are taking the lead in the relationship right now. In this case, your wrist crosses in front of your partner’s. If you are feeling more dominant in the moment, you are likely to choose this hand-holding style.

The next time you plan date night, notice the way you’re holding hands. Body language experts agree that your palm is most likely to be facing down because you feel in control and confident.

If you notice that your palm is consistently facing down, it may be a sign that you naturally take a dominant role in relationships.

Fingers Intertwined
If your fingers are intertwined, you are feeling emotionally and physically connected as a couple. In this case, your fingers should be interlocked. If you are feeling completely in sync, you are likely to choose this hand-holding style.

Body language experts claim that this hand-holding style is more common at the end of a date than at the beginning. After a romantic evening or gesture, it is quite likely that your fingers will be intertwined to demonstrate your closer connection.

If you notice that your fingers are consistently intertwined, it may be a sign that this relationship is going to go the distance.

Loosely ConnectedIf your fingers are loosely connected, you are feeling emotionally distant as a couple. In this case, you are connected by only a few fingers and your bodies are separated by a sizable gap. If you are feeling trapped by the relationship or more independent, you are likely to go with this hand-holding style.

This hand-holding style is most common shortly after or before a fight. You are feeling more casual about the relationship and need some space.

If you notice that your fingers are consistently loosely connected, it may be a sign that a fight or breakup is coming your way.

Now that you know what your hand-holding style says about your unconscious, does it seem to fit what is going on in your relationship?

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