Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me & You

You know Friends, lately I have been doing a lot of thinking of how nice it is to be married and have that someone special in my life. I have always been a person that is completely happy on her own. I never needed anyone to make me feel complete. However, without my Hubby I would now feel lost.

There is something so comforting in the revelation that there is a wonderful person in my life who loves me unconditionally. That is willing to put up with my good days and bad. That is always there to cheer on my accomplishments and to console my fears.

I have been with my hubby for 11 years now. Wow, even just typing that I can't believe it has been that long. In those 11 years we have been through so much. We have gone through many tests that would challenge our feelings for each other and our relationship, but with each test we grew stronger as individuals and as a couple.

I hope that you have someone special in your life that makes you happy. Someone that just the thought of puts a smile on your face. If you do, make sure to tell them how much they mean to you. I make it a point each day to make sure my hubby knows how much I love him. I never want there to ever be any doubt in his mind where my heart is.


  1. 11 years! Great stuff, Jamie! We're such lucky ladies. :o)
    We're coming up to 5 later this year... I can't even believe that! 11 years sounds dreamy!

  2. Well, 11 years together. . .we will be married 6 years this Oct. You are right. We are lucky ladies!

  3. So what were these "tests" that challenged your feelings and relationship? If you're gonna put it out there, you gotta follow through. Was he ever teased because you are in a wheelchair? I went to a comedy club last month and there was a couple: a disabled man and a normal girl. The comedian was picking on the people in the front and they were sitting in the front. He asked how long they had been dating. She said a few months. "So his dick works?" was the comedian's follow up question. He then complimented the disabled man's size by saying it was the only possible reason a hot girl could be attracted to a cripple. The guy had a sense of humor about it and laughed so I didn't feel bad that I was laughing too.

  4. adore your blog, love. totally following. if you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out mine. xo
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