Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Queen of Hearts

Good Morning Gorgeous. If you haven't figured it out already, I am an absolute hopeless romantic. I absolutely melt when I hear "our song" on the radio or I get a sweet text/email in the middle of the day for no reason from my Hubby. I get butterflies with every kiss and embrace. Granted, I like to think I am a low maintenance woman (I don't insist on my Hubby buying me flowers all the time or spending a crazy amount of money on me.), but I do like to be wooed from time to time and to be treated like the treasure that I am!

In anticipation of celebrating Valentine's Day, I have been particularly drawn to anything with hearts. I think it just reminds me of being in love and the excitement that goes along with it (Remember, hopeless romantic over here!). From clothing and accessories to home and office, here are a few of my must-have heart items.

{Ikat Heart Blouse - Blush}
{V Collar Heart Cardigan Deep Red}
{Sheer heart tights}

{Diamond-601h Womens Red Rhinestone Heart Slide}
{White gold diamond heart ring}

{Godinger Silver Plate Heart Purse Mirror with Stones}

{Heart paper clips}
{Heart Nickel-plated Business Card Holder}


  1. Nothing makes me swoon like a spontaneous cactus brought home by Shawnie!
    I love the top and the ring you found! SO cute!

    1. I would love some calla lilies to just show up . . .especially the orange ones like I had in my wedding!

  2. i just love your blog! lovely post x


  3. nice post..i am absolutely hopelessly romantic too
    p.s. i have a "very delicious' giveaway on my blog.