Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

{Black tee from Target, mint green pants from XOXO, necklace and earrings from Target, shoes from Espirit}

The weather this winter has been unseasonably warm; even for Florida standards. I loved pulling out these mint green pants to add a little color into the mix. I am so excited to kiss the warmer colors of winter goodbye and say hello to the softer, more cheerful colors of spring.


  1. OMG the more I see your hair the more I WANT IT. It's so pretty, Jamie and I love your outfit. HOT necklace!

  2. Perhaps you should deliver the warmth over here. The weather here is insane. Tomorrow is 74 degrees, but today is like 60...the other day 50...Its SO INSANE! at least its not like last year when it went below 30...that was just plain awful, you know.

    Love the outfit and your hair. Very stylish. I miss you and miss our days together.

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