Monday, March 12, 2012

Sugar Goddess

I just discovered the most fabulous lip gloss this weekend and had to let all of you lovely ladies know about my new find - FRESH cosmetics lip glosses in Sugar Goddess. Sugar Goddess is a shimmering light caramel bronze, super pretty and non sticky but wears very well for a moisturizing/treatment gloss. I found that it's a good balance between the stickier/drier long wearing glosses and the really soft slippery ones that wear off quickly.

If you have dry lips I think you will love these, so moisturizing. Overall I think these will be very popular, how can you go wrong with gloss that is also a treatment. As of now they come in 10 colors, the formula is just right and the performance is outstanding.

I will pick up a few more shades in the future for sure. Flirt, Pin Up, Baby and Kiss are calling me.


  1. I'm still loving the ones you suggested to me..

    why does it call sugar for?

  2. Pretty colour!