Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Things

Things I’m Passionate About
- My hubby
- My family
- A home cooked meal
- The 2 goats (the boys) that live close to my house.
- Watching lightning bugs come alive as it starts to get dark.
- Perfume
- Being a woman of God, not just by title.

Things I Say Often
- “Well there you go”
- “Hmmmm”
- “You’re so cute”
- “I’m so excited about . . .”
- “Dear Lord!”
- “Exactly!”
- “Hi Honey”
- “I love you”
- “Watch me!”

- Dream for an Insomniac
- Clue
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding
- Birdcage
- A Christmas Story
- Rocky Horror Picture Show

What I want the world to see when they look at me?
- I’m ambitious.
- I’m smart.
- I love my husband, my family and friends.
- I'm dedicated to the people and causes I love.
- I want to help people.
- I won’t let my disability stand in my way.
- I want to make a difference in the world.

Things that attract me to my hubby
- He makes me laugh daily.
- He doesn’t see me as having any limitations.
- His amazing smile.
- His “Little Jamie” voice that only I get to hear.
- He gives good hugs.
- His love of animals.
- His huge heart.

Songs I Can Listen to Over and Over
Ordinary, Wayne Brady
- Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion
- The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra
- It Had to Be You, Harry Connick Jr
- I Know the Plans I Have for You, Martha Munizzi
- Goodnight My Love, Harry Connick Jr
- I Want You To Want Me, Letters to Cleo
- Bye Bye, Jo Dee Messina
- Someone Else’s Star, Bryan White
- Feels Like Home, Leann Rimes

Things I want to do before I die
- Take vocal lessons. I love to sing and have been in choirs, but I've never had one-on-one training.
- Learn to speak a second language; preferably Italian or French since that is my heritage.
- Travel to Italy, Australia and Ireland.
- Write and publish a book.
- Do my hair myself without any help.
- Own a dog.
- Make sure all of my loved ones know just how much I love them!


  1. You do say "You're so cute" a lot! I love it. And of course, I could also watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding over and over again - it is the best.

    Also, I love all your goals. I too want to write a book! I know you would write an amazing book though.

  2. Thanks Nicole. I am actually working on a book right now. I am over half way done.