Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Look Good Today!

Hello everyone!!

I've started this blog to tell my adventures of being a fabulous, outgoing girl who has gone through life sitting down and who wants to share the things that I love with other people! I want people to see that my wheelchair does not define me and if you get to know me, you will see that my life is filled with hilarious stories of overcoming challenges, endless exploration for my next favorite outfit, tasty treats and so much more. . .but most of all, I'm just me. I have the most wonderful husband in the world, I love my family, fashion, makeup, Glee, movies and just living life to the fullest.

So what does "I Look Good Today" really mean?

Every morning before high school, I, as any teenage girl, was concerned about my appearance. Did my hair look OK? What about my makeup? Oh, and if only I could see my whole outfit in the mirror! Sitting in a wheelchair made that very difficult, but I wanted to make sure I looked good nonetheless. 

Since I couldn’t see my entire body in my bedroom mirror, I kicked my power wheelchair into high gear and went to all the rooms in our house that had a mirror. Each of these mirrors gave me a different perspective of my body.

First, I looked in my bedroom mirror, which gave me a view from the chest up. “This shirt is a little snug with my back brace underneath it,” I thought. I had to wear a back brace to slow down the scoliosis causing an 84-degree curve to my spine. I'd give a few tugs here and there and perhaps even flip my long, dark, chestnut hair in front of my shoulders to take away some of the attention of the snug top. Now, I was ready for the next mirror.

The bathroom mirror was great! If I was back far enough, I could see my entire body. This mirror really just served as an overall check to make sure the outfit “flowed.” How did the shoes look? Should I wear a skirt rather than pants? Once I gave myself the fashion seal of approval, I was off to the mirror in the entry of the house.

This mirror gave me the head shot view. It was perfect for hair approval, which any teenage girl knows is crucial. That can make or break your day! Running my fingers through my hair, I tilted my head from side to side, hoping my smile would grab a cute guy's attention!

“Jamie, are you ready to go?” It was my mom, urging me to get going.“Yes, Mom!” I answered, mumbling a bit as I applied my favorite Real Raisin L’Oreal lipstick.
As we made our way to the car, taking note that I had all the needed books and completed homework for the day, I commented confidently, “Mom, guess what?”
“What, Jamie?”
“I look good today!”
Saying “I look good today” was more than my self esteem speaking. This small statement became the reminder that it didn’t matter if I was sitting in a wheelchair while all of my friends were walking. Also, by wearing the terribly hot, plastic back brace under my clothes, I might not be able to fit into the newest fashion trends. But that was okay. I was comfortable with ME, and I truly believed that I looked good that day. Because I exuded this type of inner confidence, everyone around me looked past my disability and saw me, Jamie, for who I really am.

I hope you will join me as I take on new challenges, share my thoughts on current interests and continue on this exciting and crazy ride called my life.


  1. This is a great post, Jamie! I think it's important for people to remind themselves how fabulous they are and be confident in their own skin! I have also always found that confidence can really draw people and make them like you for you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats on starting your blog and welcome to the "party!" I'm already so inspired by your story, can not WAIT to hear more.

  3. You really help me realize, Jamie...that feeling good is important. You truly helped me so much. I never really had that much confident in myself...not sure why...I think with all the negativity...who knows...

    I'm looking forward to reading many more of this


  4. Thanks Ladies for your wonderful comments! I am so excited you have found me and hope you will enjoy visiting regularly.

  5. Oh I remember the days of real raisin lipstick! Jamie this is a great blog already! Love it!!! -Jeanine

  6. I remember when you got your hair straightened and you came into the office and said "I look FABULOUS." And you did! Almost made me want to spend the money to have mine done.

    I wish I had as much confidence as you do Jamie.