Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feelin' Cheeky

In the realm of makeup, blush seems to get a bit overlooked. So much detail is focused on how do create a mesmerizing sultry eye or the perfect pouty lip. Let's not forget the importance of accentuating those cheek bones to give your cheeks a lovely lift no matter what your skin tone might be!

Too Faced playful blushing bronzers add the perfect amount of color to any look.
My personal favorite in the blushing bronzer line is Mocha Mi Amore. It's a rich and creamy plumy brown; a pick-me-up for the face or anywhere else you want a naturally naughty glow.

Pinch My Petals is a fresh and light blossom of pinky-mauve to brighten cheeks, forehead and chin for a perfectly pretty glow. 

Papa Don't Peach adds a burst of fresh, youthful radiance to shine that summertime warmth any time of the year.

The newest shade is La Vie En Rose, a cool pink blush with the slightest golden shimmer that brightens and accentuates cheeks!

Girls, don't fret over which box is your favorite. Get one of each and be envied by all!

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  1. I love blush. I seriously cannot live without my NARS Orgasm blush. It is the absolute BEST.
    I love Too Faced products, so I really should try these.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88