Monday, May 30, 2011

Livin' Lush

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! First of all, thank you to all those in the military past and present who fought for our freedom. We celebrate you today!

This weekend my hubby and I took and impromptu trip to our local mall. We had nothing in mind in particular that we were on the lookout for, so we just enjoyed spending some leisurely time popping in and out of our favorite stores.

There is a newer wing to our mall that has stores like Sephora (My absolute favorite store for cosmetics. I spent the last of my gift card on some must have items.), Torrid, Coach and Oakley.

As my hubby and I were making our way through this section we passed a store that had the most intoxicating smell coming out of it.

We both quickly turned around to see where the scents of jasmine, grapefruit, ginger and vanilla were coming from.

The store is called Lush Handmade Cosmetics. This was the most amazing place with the most unique products. Now, I will say I am a sucker for cosmetics, lotions and bath items so I was easily intrigued by what Lush had to offer. Anything to feel pampered; I'm all over it.

We were greeted by a very nice young man who asked if we had ever been in the store before. Upon hearing neither of us had, he began to tell us that all of Lush's products are made from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. None of their products are tested on animals, which I love and everything is made fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients and they tell you when they were made.

This store has everything. From solid lotions to cleansers to bath bubble bars to shampoos the options were endless and very well priced.

I left the store with a few things in my bag and much more on my wish list.

The treasured items that made it home with me included:
{Tea tree is extremely soothing and can work wonders on troubled or oily skin. I have normal to oily skin and usually by mid day I definitely have to re-powder myself. After just a few days of using Tea Tree Water I have seen a marketable difference in my skin not being so oily!}
{Imperialis is a finely crafted moisturizer for oily skin. Based on English herbalism and the majesty of the imperial age, Imperialism is made with lavender infusion to balance the skin's sebum production. Lavender encourages dry skin to produce more natural oils and discourages oily skin from overdoing it. I absolutely love this product!}

Wish list items include:

{This fruity body smoothie is made with the fresh juices of strawberries and lime to gently cleanse. Take a scoopful of this soft and creamy soap and lather all over your body for a luxurious wash. If you're skin tends to be dry it will be quenched by the fresh butternut squash, almond and olive oils that are stirred into each batch. Your skin will feel refreshed and buttery soft after a shower with this "lushious" smoothie}

{How can you resist a decadent dessert bubble bath that smells like almond icing? I can't! This bubble bar is called Marzibain because it smells like Marzipan. If you've got a sweet tooth but you're on a diet, take one of these and you'll be satisfied. Crumble the entire bar under running bath water for mounds of sweet, fluffy white bubbles.}

{Like Dolly says, 9 to 5 is quite the way to make a living. It can take its toll on the skin and leave you looking not your best. This is a gentle cleanser made with almond oil, dove orchids and everlasting flower absolute.}

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