Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Flashback

{A refreshing treat that speaks to my Italian heritage.}
This week was full of food firsts for me. From having Italian ice for the first time in my life, which I must admit I am a bit ashamed since I am 3/4 Italian, to eating a crab salad at Tokyo Sushi. The crab salad was a huge feat for me; especially because I really liked it. Those who know me best know that if it comes from the ocean. . .I'm not eating it. One of my favorite new food finds was the red bean ice cream also from Tokyo Sushi.

These explorations in food were most enjoyable to my taste buds, however my favorite thing this week happened yesterday at work. We have a patient who has brittle bone disease. Just a simple tap or bump can cause her to fracture a bone. This little angel comes to the hospital every four months for an IV treatment to help her bones strengthen so she fractures less. Isabella LOVES my hubby and I. Every time she sees me she wants to know where Mr. John is. Last night we spent a little over an hour with her. She had big news for us. She is six years old and this week she walked for the very first time. When you put into perspective that she wasn't even supposed to live to see her first birthday. . .that is huge. I'm sorry, but NOTHING else in my week brought me more joy than hearing that!

{The rich and creamy red bean ice cream at Tokyo Sushi.}

{My new Revlon Gum Drop scented nail polish. When it dries it has a sweet candy scent. It might not be real food, but it smells good enough to eat!}

{Isabella asked my hubby to read to her. Watching her interact with him, so engaged in the story . . . priceless. She loved the different voices he would use for the each Sesame Street characters. She would laugh so hard and just stare at the pages mesmerized.}

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  1. I can honestly admit that I have never been tempted to eat nail polish.
    I do, however, have a candle that smells exactly like vanilla frosting.
    I licked it once.
    It doesn't taste like vanilla frosting.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88