Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother Daughter Bond

With yesterday being Mother's Day, I really feel it appropriate to dedicate today's blog entry to my amazing mother.

I never realized growing up how big of an influence my mother would have on my life. I always thought my mother and I had a closer than usual relationship. Being born with a disability I would depend on my mother for physical things much longer than most "normal" children. Until the day I moved out, at age 19, my mother was still helping me get dressed every morning, she helped me go to the bathroom, she helped me do my hair, she drove me to and from school, she drove me anywhere I wanted to go. My mother was my lifeline.

When I moved out, although I now had friends doing for me what she had for 19 years, it struck me just how much for gave up to make sure that I lived a "normal" life. Because our relationship was, shall I say, "different", our bond is also "different".

I honestly believe that I am the independent, successful, courageous woman that I am today because of my mother. She always taught me that my disability did not define me. The wheelchair that I sit in is merely the way I get around and that is it. I may have to go about things in a different way, but my goals are just as attainable than that of a able bodied person. I know that because of my mother I have had the "anything is possible" attitude my entire life. I lived a normal life with the world at my fingers because of her, and if a road block got in my way, she was and is, always there to help me figure out the detour route to my destination.

I am now 33 and married, yet I still go to my mother with my problems. She is the most loving, compassionate, level headed person I know. In an instant her reassurance that everything is going to be OK calms my nerves. Her suggestions on how I should tackle a problem always has my best interest in mind.

I can't imagine not having her as my mother. I have shared some of the funniest, saddest and most extraordinary moments in my life with her.

A relationship like that cannot be replaced by anyone. I thank God daily for having her as my mother. I always think how the world would be a better place if everyone had a mother like her, but I smile because I know that I do.

I love you mom!


  1. Your blog was so beautifully dedicated to your mom. You are so fortunate to have her for your mother. Many people have riches galore, but lack that connection. It is the BEST gift one could receive...the gift of life from a giving & a loving mom.

  2. Thanks for the kind & loving words, Jamie. I'm the one who truly feels are my inspiration each & every day.....a very special gift from God. xoxo