Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Boardroom Ready

Yesterday was our monthly Board of Governors meeting. This is our time to go before 35 board members and tell them all the wonderful things we are doing or we would like to do for the mission of our hospital. Wearing business suits in a wheelchair just doesn't work. . .at least not on me, so I tend to stay away from them. Even after a 10 1/2 hr back surgery to correct the curvature in my spine I still have a slight curve, which makes tailored pieces look hideous on me because they just don't fit, even if they are supposed to be "tailored." Keeping that in mind, an alternative has to be made in regards to dressing up for a business meeting.

I was recently gifted with a bunch of clothes from my favorite aunt pictured below with me. I have always looked up to her. Between my mother and my aunt, I had the perfect female role models for the woman I wanted to be. My aunt and I share much of the same taste in clothing, so when a large box of clothes was on my door step sent from her, you can imagine my excitement! From that box came today's outfit.

I now give you my boardroom outfit.

{Beaded cardigan from Chadwick's Collection (gifted), Target white sleeveless top, Vintage pants, Zodiac shoes, Brighton cross earrings.}
I wanted to keep the look simple and professional. First of all, I LOVE the emerald green cardi that I layered over a white sleeveless top with its different shaped beads sewn on the chest. The bead design just seemed to give the piece a little extra something special to jazz up a basic cardi. The pants; a simple and somewhat "tailored" khaki color that seemed to make the emerald green cardi pop even more. The only real "accessories" I added were my silver cross earrings I featured here, my watch and rings. I actually had the, "You look lovely in that green sweater Jamie!" compliment from one of our board members. My plan for simple and classic seemed to be a hit.


How did I do? Despite not being business suit clad, did I pull off the look? My plan right now is to do one outfit post a week for starters and to go from there. I really enjoy sharing my style with you and hope you enjoy it too. Send your comments my way!


  1. What a beautiful thing to say about me! You are my inspiration of whom to aspire when times get tough. You always find the sunshine through any cloudy day. I love you...Your Proud Aunt

  2. pretty cardigan! thinking you could always make it more professional with black pants instead of khaki but this is a great color combo.
    (ok, let blogcation commence!).

  3. You always looks beautiful, and you are always an inspiration....Your Anonymous Uncle

  4. Lookin' good! You know what I realized is that if I won't be walking... I don't have to wear "sensible shoes"!!! While having a high heel doesn't work well with foot pads on a wheel chair, the toe parts of the shoe can still look and be fabulous!

  5. LOVE the cardi! Reminds me of Emma's green cardi in the "helping Will pack" scene. LOVE!!! You look great, as always! xoxo