Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

To celebrate the fact that it’s now half-way through the week, I’ve rounded up some current accessory obsessions that need to make their way into my closet.

{This adorably whimsicle "Eat Me" necklace from ModCloth is called Necklace in Wonderland. Redolent of the inquisitive explorations of Lewis Carroll's Alice, these tiny bottles labeled "Eat Me" are filled with faux, whimsically tiny treats, and stoppered with a round ball lid. Whether your necklace will feature sweets of the brown sugar, pink sugar, chocolate chip, or oblong, 'chocolate-dipped' variety, is all part of the yet-to-be-discovered charm of your accessory adventures! This I think might be top of my list.}

{I love headbands and bows. This sweet and sparkley headband is an ideal combination of both.} 

{I have pretty good eye sight. I do have a prescription for distance vision, that I hardly ever use, but when I do, I want my glasses to be stylish. I am really crushing over these J. Lo spectacles.}

{Forever 21 has the most unbelievable accessories at such great prices. I fell in love with these lavender beaded dangle earrings the first time I saw them and now they are no longer available which I am kicking myself over. I'll have to do a little Ebay hunting.}

What are your thoughts?  Are any of these items calling to you? What are your accessory crushes for Summer?