Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watch It!

Watches have always been one of my must have accessories. I have a watch on 24/7. Literally. My watch only comes off when I am in the shower. A little excessive? Perhaps. I am just so used to having a watch on my wrist I feel naked without it.

My hubby always jokes with me, "Why do you need your watch? You gotta catch a bus?"

I have a love/hate relationship with watches though. My wrist are the size of a five-year-old's so I can't do the really chunky, more "trendy" style watches. A watch face that is too big covers my whole wrist and just looks stupid.

Growing up I had my Swatch watch where you could change the face cover to match any outfit (Loved that one! It was great for the fashion of the 80s. . .all the neon colors LOL.), my Coca-Cola watch, my Precious Moments watch. . .

My taste in watches has changed, but you will still never catch me without one of these time pieces on my wrist. . .or hanging from my neck some days. Here are some of my latest watch loves that not only help me stay punctual, but looking good too. . .

{Sparkling crystals frame a luminous mother-of-pearl dial in this Michael Kors rose gold watch. This precious time piece is perfect for your picnic in the park or a romantic night out with your sweetheart.}

{The tortoise shell watches are all the rage this season. I love this Michael Kors chocolate-dial watch with the tortoise shell band. You won't be late with this baby on your wrist.}

{I actually have this Fossil Tiffany watch already, except mine is a two toned silver and gold band and frame. I get more compliments on this watch than any other. I love the rhinestones separating each link and along the frame of the watch face. You surely will have that dainty, girly feeling wearing this beauty.}

{Step back in time with this pocket watch from ModCloth that mixes old-timey charm with new and stylish trends. The etched filigree cover opens to reveal a dazzling face and golden numbers, while a long chain holds the beautiful timepiece in place. Close the cover, and the voguish face still peeks through the elegantly chiseled top! Wear it with vintage or modern ensembles, and you'll be perfectly on-trend (and on-time!) in this lovely treasure.}

{Ready, set, go! It'll be easy to count the seconds to the finish line as you bike the Tour de France with this trusty watch necklace from ModCloth securely around your neck. And, when you're not on the road, you'll be able to show your love for bicycling by sporting this sweet timekeeper with your girliest dresses or most casual tees and jeans. You'll love the swivel handlebars and the built-in kickstand that will let you prop your necklace on your bedside stand when it's not around your neck. It even comes complete with an adjustable chain!}


  1. Fun finds! I have the MK tortoise shell, and the biker neclkace is awesome!

  2. I LOVE your fashion sense!! Please continue to inspire the rest of us with the newest trends.