Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Head Gear

Now don't be frightened. I know when so many hear the word "head gear" visions of the crazy wire contraptions meant to straighten your teeth come into mind. Thank God I never had to go through that, despite two years of the metal filled mouth, I think I got off easy compared to some.

Today's post is all about hair accessories. With my recent haircut faux pas which you can read about here if you missed it, I have been on the lookout for some new pieces to help me get through the awkward stages as I grow out my hair.

Here are some of my favorites finds.

{This simple and sweet twisty headband from Rouche that I can wear with an everyday outfit or when I'm all dressed up to keep my hair pushed back and out of my face! It comes in natural shown above, aqua and red. I'm thinking I might need one in every color.}

{I am all about the bling, and that goes for my hair accessories as well. I am in lust with this rhinestone vintage hair pin from Christine's Unique Vintage Boutique. It is perfect for pinning back those too short hair strands all the while adding a little glitz to my day.}
{Although I absolutely adore this whimsical hair clip from one of my favorite shoppes, ModCloth, I'm not sure how practical in my day to day life it would be. It would help to hide those hideous layers on the right side though. Hmmm, it might be worth it just to strut around in this unquestionably unique piece.}
{Don't ask me why, but this over-sized polka dotted bow headband also from ModCloth is calling my name. I could see using this hair accessory to add flair to a business casual look, or play up its retro aspect by pairing it with a bubbly wiggle dress.}

{I am in love with these ornately patterned headbands from Andrea's Beau. Trimmed with glass beads these are perfect for pulling my hair away from my face to hide the horribly uneven front layers.}

I joked with a friend that the next time I am told that someone is "their best" hairdresser I am going to politely decline their services. . .look what "the best" got me!

So what would you recommend I do to get through the growing pains of this bad haircut?


  1. Oh, the tiny looking hat is SO cute. I don't know if I have the flair to pull off that look, though! lol.

  2. I would totally rock this look!!!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. From what I am reading here and on Twitter @ilookgoodtoday1, the tiny hat seems to be the winner.

    . . .and yes Bonnie, you could total rock that look!