Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lux for Less

Praying to the shopping gods won't make that $250 blouse any more affordable (Believe me, I've tried!). But don't lose faith! Just turn your attention to luxgoddess.com. The savvy site offers a shopping experience worth idolizing: customized user profiles (favorite brands, sizes, etc) in everything from dresses to shoes to beauty aids. A sale rack is updated with new loot (all up to 75% off) suited to your liking every time you log in. As an added bonus, luxdeals powered by couponcabin.com supplies promo codes for even deeper discounts on its already peerless prices. Plus, luxgoddess donates a potion of its sales to the fight against breast and ovarian cancers, so shopping the site does more good than just adding a desired piece to your closet. Just one more reason to worship it.


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